Thursday, November 28, 2013

Beaua 10 Essences Cleansing Oil

Been using this 300mL bottle of Beaua 10 Essences Cleansing Oil for the past few weeks and loving it! This is my first product from Kumano Yushi (Kumano Cosmetics/Kumano Cosme). I actually didn't get this in Japan but Taiwan, at the Japanese drugstore in the Zhongxiao Fuxing-Zhongxiao Dunhua underground mall where I bought the Media Pressed Powder and Bright Up Powders ^.^

Kumano Yushi operates mainly in the Chubu (central) region, which explains why I never saw their brands (like Beaua, etc.) in Yokohama/Tokyo drugstores! You will see more cleansing oils from a few other brands from Kumano Yushi soon, because I basically bought one each of the cleansing oils I saw in those Japanese drugstores in Taipei ^.^

The 10 essences this oil cleanser claims to have are shea butter, honey, camellia oil, olive oil, silk protein, rosemary, swertia japonica, sodium hyaluronate, pro-vitamin B5, and marine mineral. It smells slightly citrusy with a touch of rosemary, and I believe the scent is from the essence oils in it as I don't see any fragrance listed in its ingredients.

The texture and thickness of this cleansing oil feel similar to that of FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil, only it's completely transparent and not translucent like FANCL. It doesn't feel oily or silicone-y but has more of a spongy gel-like feel. It goes on thick too, and only after about 30 seconds of massaging does it begins to thin out and feel like a cleansing oil. It rinses clean, but doesn't leave my skin squeaky or dry. Love it!

By the way, just recently I learned from a friend that there's an "emulsifying" step in using a cleansing oil. As in start with dry hands and face, massage the cleansing oil on, then wet hand and massage face again to emulsify the cleansing oil, then finally rinse. Apparently this helps the cleansing oil rinse "cleaner" and doesn't leave behind any film. To be honest I've never done this "emulsifying" step and many oil cleansers I used still rinses clean. I guess I'm just lazy, because my nightly routine starts with the cleansing oil at the sink, then straight into the shower to rinse ^.^ Do you follow this emulsifying step?

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