Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Marin Headlands, San Francisco

Recently it's been cool and raining a lot where I am, pretty much the whole of May and June, right into the 2nd of July now. In fact, it's been so wet the whole damn state is blanketed in a thick fog-like mist. This is super unusual, because it's normally blasting sunshine and bone dry around this time of the year. The joke-du-jour is that we're getting Seattle weather, because they've been dry as hell and having lots of sun, and we're getting the rainy mist.

Anyway, this cooler weather makes me nostalgic for San Francisco again, because the summers there are actually cool, if not down right cold. Temperature hovers around the 70's and the evenings are windy and chilly with Karl the Fog rolling in. So I went looking through my pictures and realized there are a bunch of photos I haven't posted. So here they are, these ones of Marin Headlands and the derelict military sites. Click for larger photos.
I had to zoom the below info boards into 4 different photos.

Left panel.

Right panel.

Going into the military sites.

This was June 2014, when my sister visited me in SF a second time before hubby and I moved away. And yes, it was really windy and cold up there.

Abandoned bunker.

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