Sunday, December 27, 2015

NID Hand Cream

A couple of months ago while out and about I ran out of hand cream. In a panic, I grabbed the nearest (and cheapest) thing, which was this 50g tube of NID Hand Cream to make do with until I could get home and pick out a new tube from my stash.
If you think this tube looks familiar, it's because this is a generic Japanese copycat of the better known German brand Herbacin, only made in Vietnam ^.^ I didn't expect much, not because it's a generic but because it's not made in Japan. The last time when I tried a Japanese-brand shampoo not made in Japan, I could tell the difference (yes, I'm talking about you, Asience!).

Thankfully, this hand cream turns out to be very decent and I like it enough to leave it by my bedside. It's a nice cream that's not too thick but not thin either, and it absorbs well without leaving any greasy residue. It's scented with a generic lotion fragrance (think Jergens body lotion in the U.S.).

It's been working out great until the past couple of weeks when the weather got colder and drier, which works out just fine because I'm almost done with this tube. I probably won't repurchase right now since I need something thicker and more substantial. But if I ever get caught without hand cream again, I will definitely pick this up again!

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