Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Three Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil Part II

So I've just been informed that Three is discontinuing all 8 of these Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils, which means I've got to push this review for 02 Eye Believe out the door and then hurrying on to grab my backups before they're gone forever (they'll be pulled from the counters after August 9). Why?!? I just can't even... O.o

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Why Three decides to discontinue these is just beyond me. Hands down they're the best eyeliners I've worn to date. They don't budge on my oily lids at all, not even a smidgen, not even in this 94% humidity weather. Since the weather got nasty, I haven't even thought of touching any other eyeliners. That's just how fantastic and reliable these are. So yes, you bet I'm getting backups, probably 6 out of the 8 colors available--yes, I wear all of those colors and I love them all! I'm just going to skipping only 01 Eye Love and 08 Eye On.

- 02 Eye Believe: undoubtedly taupe in natural light, but check out my swatches of this color in indoor lighting and you'll see that it turns purplish! Like the other colors in this range, this one too comes to life in indoor lighting.

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