Sunday, September 4, 2016

Atago-jinja, Minato, Tokyo, Part II

Here are more photos of Atago-jinja in our neighborhood, courtesy of several people, including my family who visited last December and mum and aunt-in-law who visited this past April. 

My poor mum has acrophobia but braved these stairs anyway for good luck. She didn't go back down the same way though. Even I could barely look down these steps without getting dizzy--it's that steep! And yet I've seen ladies going up and down in stiletto heels it's nuts! Meanwhile we're all in walking shoes and still opted for the less steep side stairs (bottom right).

Cloudy versus sunny day.

See how steep it is looking down from the top?

Here's aunt-in-law trying not to stumble her way down the side stairs, which is pretty steep still, though not as steep as the main staircase.

The shrine is quite beautiful with camellias blooming in the fall and sakura in April.

Here's hubby showing his mum the proper rinse-hands-before-praying ritual.

And that's aunt-in-law rubbing the lucky stone.

Shrine kitty says hi. Actually, shrine kitty doesn't give a rat's ass who's there.

The pond was covered in sakura petals, which makes me wonder if the kois eat them (the flowers as they are edible!).

Mum-in-law getting her fortune and leaving behind wishes.

View of the Toranomon building from the shrine ground.

These lanterns were put up for new year, though they were there for only three days I think. I wish they'd leave the lanterns out all years--they're awesome to look at!

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