Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Addiction 2016 Winter Limited Edition Swatches

When my visiting brother wanted to wander Ginza earlier in the week, I happily obliged. Because being in Ginza means I'll get to stop by the Mitsukoshi cosmetics counters ^.^ 

Having skipped the 2016 Fall limited edition colors of Addiction The Eyeshadows, I went straight for the counter looking for the five new LE colors as part of the winter collection North Star. I wonder why there isn't a number attached to these shade names but nonetheless, they are (from left to right) Midnight Sun, Ice Hotel, Swan Song, Red Lily, and Old Town.

All pictures taken in indoor lighting without flash.

- Midnight Sun: a golden champagne in the pan but as you can see, it's transparent when seen directly and reflect a metallic wet shine at an angle. This is a sparkling top wash and even though I love it, I'm torn about paying some $22 for sparkles. I mean, that's some gorgeous sparkles, but hella expensive!

- Ice Hotel: shimmery minty white.

- Swan Song: shimmery pale blue with lavender shimmers.

Direct shot clear (top) and blurry (bottom)
Angled shot clear (top) and blurry (bottom)

- Red Lily: semi-metallic orangey peach. This color is pretty, but I already have a few different versions of it from both Lunasol (Clear Colorful Eyes EX02 Coral Shell Collection--will review soon) and Suqqu (Blend Color Eyeshadow 22 輝杏蕾 Kikyoutsubomi and Eye Color Palette EX-01 紅掛空 Benikakesora).

- Old Town: an intensely metallic pink-purple taupe with a mirror-like shine. I know it appears frosty in the swatches but it has more of foil effect in real life. Will definitely pick up this color.

Direct shot clear (top) and blurry (bottom)
- Angled shot clear (top) and blurry (bottom)

There are new eyeliner releases also and I might go back to swatch those too!


Citrine said...

Old town is nice and unique! I would get midnight sun (If it's readily available that is) just because of the name (reminds me of Higashino Keigo's Byakuyako).

I like red lily but since you said it's similar to both the Lunasol and Suqqu (got both) I guess I am not tempted.

Since the brand is available in Hong Kong I feel like maybe there will be more souces for them other than ichibankao...possibly cheaper too (I realized I paid less for Jill Stuart from HK sellers).

D. said...

Hey Citrine!

At certain angles, the pink-purple in Old Town is much more apparent and I was totally drooling over it at the counter (not a pretty sight...). Definitely very pretty!

I think I'm going to pass on Midnight Sun though. I already have a boat load of sparkling top washes from many many palettes and it doesn't make sense to pay $22 and get yet another single huge pan. In fact, I'd say the sparkle-wattage is on the same scale as the Aritaum Shine Fixes (which has released new colors by the way, #29-35!), which costs a fraction of the price and just as pretty.

Speaking of Jill Stuart, on a recent flight to Taipei via Cathay Pacific I picked up a duty-free LE trio of Rouge My Dress at a great price, so you're totally right that you can get JS for cheaper in HK for some reason.


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