Tuesday, October 4, 2016

rinRen Non-Additive Shampoo Rose & Tsubaki

With hubby having only a few weeks left on his assignment in Tokyo, of course I had to bust out a brand new shampoo, a 400mL refill pouch of rinRen Non-Additive Shampoo Rose & Tsubaki.

This is a non-additive and vegan shampoo from the brand BbyE. I've never seen it before and only found it when J. dragged me to the local Natural Lawson one day. Aside from Rose & Tsubaki, there was also Yuzu & Ginger which I bought but will pack to bring home instead.

The website states the shampoo is free of mineral oil, silicone, parabens, petroleum-derived surfactants, synthetic fragrance and colorant, and animal-derived ingredients. The shampoo does have a scent, though more citrusy than either rose or tsubaki. And I sure paid for all that good stuff: 1,300yen/400mL refill and 1,900yen/520mL pump bottle.

It's an okay shampoo so far, foams well, rinse well, and makes my hair nice and soft, though just a touch more oily than Cocopalm Natural Shampoo but nothing terrible like Oshima Tsubaki Oil Shampoo. I still like 2015 winter LE Tsubaki Oil Nouveau best, especially when used in conjunction with the conditioner.

And lucky me, while out and about with my brother in Asakusa, he wanted to go look inside a Don Quixote in the entertainment district, and lo-and-behold there was a bunch of the Tsubaki Oil Nouveau sets left at a steal of 940yen/set! I promptly hoarded picked up 3 sets for home. My brother, being the nice guy he is, carried them around for me for the rest of the day, because they were heavy as hell :D

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