Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Master Soap Soap Gifts Part II

Last fall, having discovered those adorable Master Soaps were, in fact, great soaps, I did some major hauling to stock up for our own use and to have little things to send to our friends and family during the holidays.

Shown here is about half of the entire haul, and yes, it was a lot of soaps! ^.^"

Some 10+ months and 12+ mini bars later, here's a second post to confirm these are, in fact, great soaps! They lather well, and they don't dry up our hands. They don't turn into goo with repeated and frequent use, and they don't crack in the dry climate where we live. We're sold for life (at least I am)! 

This Wagasane Gift Set is probably the star of the haul because it's a large, 2-tier gift set with 7 bars of soaps, a bath powder sachet, and a full size liquid body wash.

Left photo, clockwise from top left: Sakura 50g, Hakutou (White Peach) 80g, Kawarayomogi (Fragrant Wormwood) 80g, Yuzu 80g, and Ume (Plum) Bath Powder 25g.
Right photo: Body Soap Yuzu 300mL, Ryukcha (Green Tea) 50g, Komenuka (Rice Bran) 80g, and Azuki (Red Mung Bean) 80g.

- Sakura Soap 50g: very mild sakura scent that I smell on my hand if I sniff it, otherwise I'd stopped noticing it. The thing is, this scent had grown on both me and hubby without us noticing, because you'll see below that we'd gone through several Sakura soaps! ^.^"

- Hakutou (White Peach) 80g: another rather mild peach fragrance but it's sweet and juicy, good enough to eat (but don't!). It's currently in the half-bath on our main floor and I would find myself going in there just to use this soap. Does that make me a soap-addict? :P
This Hanagasane Gift Set comes in 2 or 3-tier options. The 2-tier is 4 bars of soap, a bath powder sachet, and a washcloth, or switch out the washcloth for another 3 bars of soap and a full size liquid body wash, just like the Wagasane Gift Set above. The 3-tier option comes with all of the above. What I really wanted was the 2-tier with 7 soaps, bath powder, and body wash, but it was sold out. I was going for the 3-tier next but that sold out too at the time of purchase (now back in stock though!) so I ended up with the washcloth instead.

Clockwise from top left: Sakura 43g, Sakura 80g, Na no Hana (Broccoli Rabe) 80g, Cha (Tea) 80g, and Sakura Bath Powder 25g.

- Sakura 43g: same as above, only in flower shape. We used up a few of these in white and pink.

- Sakura 80g: yup, used up this bar too.

Irohadayori Gift Set comes in sets of 2, 4, 8, 12, or 16 bar soaps and I opted for 8 instead, so I could gift away one set of 4 and keep the other set to use.

From top to bottom: Shakuyaku (Peony) 70g, Sakura 70g, Kuchinatsu (Gardenia) 70g, and Tsubaki 70g.

- Sakura Soap 70g: see a trend here? ^.^

Hachimitsu to... (Honey and...) Soap Gift has an odd name but is a lovely concept: honey + fruit or herb = a fragrant bar of soap, 70g each. I wish I had bought a few more of this set!

Clockwise from top left: Honey & Apple, Honey & Lemon, Honey & Lavender, and Honey & Olive.

- Honey & Olive 70g: I picked this one to try because the combo of honey and olive seemed unusual to me. It definitely smelled the honey though it wasn't overwhelming and cloying like the honey in L'Occitane products. Add in a nice flower fragrance for the "olive" and we got a great bar of soap!

The Omedetai Set makes me wish I speak Japanese or at least know more about the culture. I know it's a gift set. I understood おめでとうと means congratulations, though for what, I've no idea. Are these New Year wishes in soapy form, or am I confusing Chinese culture here? Are they a wedding favor? Tanabata?

Either way, both bars are 76g each and contains peach essence. The color combos change. When I bought these, they came in Pink and Orange. Now they have Pink and Yellow.

- Pink: a soft and sweet scent that I couldn't really pinpoint to what, only to realize later on it was supposed to be peach.

- Orange: supposed to have the same sweet peach scent as Pink but I could have sworn it had an orange-citrus scent instead, and stronger than the Pink too!

These 25g mini bars of Natural Herb Soaps were bought individually because they didn't come in a set (though they should!). Each lasted us about a month, so still pretty good considering their tiny guest-soap size.

- Chamomile: smelled like generic soap but still foamed nicely.

- Rose: again, the fragrance was mild so it smelled mostly like generic soap with a lemony twist and tinge of rose. This particular bar was very slippery for some reason. 

- Rosemary: still smelled like generic soap with only a faint herbal fragrance.

- Sage: this one too had a mild herbal scent and that was it.

See my previous Master Soap Soap Gifts post.

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