Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Menturm Watery Gel UV SPF50+ PA++++

Picked up this 50g tube of Menturm Watery Gel UV SPF50+ PA++++ to try, because stupid me actually thought this sunscreen would be a watery gel!

I guess I'm just a slow learner, because the last time I used a sunscreen "gel", it wasn't a gel at all, or even gel-like! Same with this Menturm one, which comes out of the tube a white, opaque cream, thicker and heavier than Allie Extra UV Gel even. It goes on just as heavy as it looks, nowhere near gel-like. I'll give it credit for spreading easily and quickly, but that's all.

Unlike other sunscreen milks, I can't put it on, give it a few minutes to absorb then massage in the rest. When I do that, it would just pill up, so I have to massage it into the skin right then and there, which takes for freakin' ever and a half! The finish is tacky and shiny. And unlike the Allie gel that layers excellently under powder, this Menturm one feels too "wet" for me to even blend sunscreen powder on as a finishing touch. I ended up handing this tube over to hubby to finish up, and even he said he didn't care for it. Will not repurchase.

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