Monday, June 13, 2016

Afternoon Tea at the Peak Lounge, Park Hyatt Tokyo Part II

For March's tea session, our tea club felt like revisiting an old place, so we went back to the Peak Lounge at Park Hyatt Tokyo. This time we were seated by the window in a different corner of the room. Let's just say we fully enjoyed view we got ^.^

As mentioned before, the great thing about afternoon tea here is that is the savories and sweets are unlimited. Yes, unlimited. They'll keep bringing them by for you to pick and choose, and you keep eating until you can't eat anymore. So we ended up staying the entire afternoon, until around 6pm when the tea service ended!

So yes, if you have big eaters at your party, consider taking them here to eat to their heart's content.

The scones were good, although were really crumbly. Look what happened to my scone :(

The sweets, ah yes, they kept them coming! I always think I can eat way more than I actually could ^.^ All those savories, sweets, and flowing tea fill you up much faster than you think!

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