Friday, February 8, 2008

Stila Lip Glaze

I have a bunch of these too because I really like the brush applicator, plus the click pen packaging is kind of fun :D These Lip Glazes have very similar consistency and thickness as the Lancome Juicy Tubes, only they are much stickier - when I press my lips on a sheet of tissue, the Juicy Tubes comes off on the tissue, where as the Stila Lip Glaze tears the tissue and it ends up sticking to my lips. Bleargh! And surprisingly, being so sticky, these Lip Glazes don't last as long as the Juicy Tubes and are not as smooth either! I like their flavors much better though, as the Lancome ones are complete hit and miss. Also, the click pen doesn't hold much product, and each of these Lip Glaze goes for $20. In comparison to the giant $16.50 Juicy Tubes, these Lip Glazes are a total rip off! Oh well, I'm a sucker, what can I say? Will review more later.

- Apricot: a semi-translucent and soft peachy pink with very fine shimmers that's unnoticeable unless under direct light. Looks colorless on my lips and the shimmers aren't visible at all. I like the flavor a lot! It reminds me of Japanese bubble gum, only it's not as smooth, even thought it doesn't have chunky glitter nor is it overly shimmery. Oh well, lots of room for improvement here.


(g)ezebel said...

i loooove stila's lip glazes...!! LUV them. i have apricot, too. but my fave is spiced rum.

Dalenna said...

Hi Gezebel!

Oooh no!!! At the last Stila sale I passed up Spiced Rum, thinking it would be too dark!! Dayem!!! Okay. Back to the website I go :D

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