Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lancome Le Rouge Absolu Lipsticks

The Lancome Le Rouge Absolu is probably my favorite lipstick formula. It's very smooth, creamy, and moisturizing. Again, I don't know the difference between this version and Le Rouge Absole Creme, not that I care anyway :D The only thing that took me a while to get used to with these lipsticks is their rose fragrance. I just *love* (read "absolutely abhor") the smell of roses and that's why it took me only a few years to appreciate it. But I'm okay with it now. Actually, I even like it a little.

I have 5 of these Le Rouge Absolu in various shades of pink. The majority of the shades in this line are pinks or derivatives of pink, I believe. There is only one red in this line, Valentine, and even then it's a blue-based red. Good thing I have Rosiere!

All pictures taken indoor with flash unless otherwise noted.

- Tawny Rose: a warm blush pink. This is the lipstick I layered with the Stila It Gloss in Savvy and they are a match made in heaven! The golden bronze gloss blend beautifully with the warm pink and turned a gorgeous golden peach with hints of coral!

- Beach Flame: A fiery apricot with a pearly flamingo pink sheen! This color is so vibrant I usually have to tone it down with glosses on top. If I wear a base, then I apply with a light hand to brighten up my lips with just a touch of color. Pretty!

- Rose Crystal: a violet tinted berry with hints of bronze. Even with the bronze though, this color is too cool for me and I usually have to layer a warm gloss on top. May be I'll try the Savvy It Gloss with this too and see what sorts of miracle will happen...

From left to right: Tawny Rose, Beach Flame, and Rose Crystal. Picture taken in natural light without flash.

- Pink Diamond: This lipstick is actually a few shades lighter and cooler than it looks in the picture. It's a pretty darkened lotus pink that makes me looks like I'm trying too hard. But then it looks absolutely marvelous on my sister, who's a tad more tanned than I am, so may be it just doesn't like me. Hmm...I guess I'll have to experiment again with the gazillion lip glosses I own. Something will bound to work...

- Unknown color: yeah, I accidentally tore off the little label at the bottom of the tube, so this color's an unsolved mystery for me. I remember glancing at it once, but I just can't remember what color it is. It drives me crazy!!! And the fact I like it so much only makes it worse! Anyway, this lipstick is an apricot nude with a gold sheen and hints of red. I usually need to apply a sheer gloss on top to enhance the color a little because it disappears on my lips and I look like I'm not wearing anything at all!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there have any Lancome Rosiere? I am out and would love to buy more alas it has been discontinued.

Dalenna said...

Hi there Anonymous,

I hear you, it sucks when they just discontinue your favorite things. You could try Ebay, or 3 Custom Color Blending - they'll recreate your discontinued lipstick for you!

Use the link below to search for any discontinued makeup items you want them to recreate. I did a "search for lip color" using the brand "Lancome" and the shade "Rosiere," and it looks like they have already made that shade of lipstick for someone else before you, which means they have all the data necessary to make one (or several) more, depending on your order! Good luck!

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