Friday, July 25, 2008

SkinFood Cappuccino Mousse Foam

Wake up and smell the coffee! No, serious. With SkinFood Cappuccino Mousse Foam, you are literally waking up to your coffee-scented foaming mousse cleanser! The darn thing smells sooooooooo divine even a non-coffee-drinker like me is addicted.

Anyways, the mousse foam comes in a soft plastic squeeze tube that could be stood up like a bottle. It doesn't foam much, but it cleanses thoroughly, leaving my face soft and supple afterwards without any tightness at all! It's a better cleanser than the Shiseido Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam, if you would believe it!

It's also a very effective exfoliator due to the ground espresso beans inside. And while this is an excellent feature, I can't use it as often as I would like to - it exfoliates so well I could only use it every other 2 days or my face will get irritated from too much scrubbing. I prefer using it at night, and the next morning my skin would have this bright glow that lasts all day. LOVE it!!!


Samantha said...

hi, i read your article about skin food, actually i love this brand 2. but could you tell me where you buy these product? cause i tried this brand when i travelled in HK. email me :, thx~~

Dalenna said...

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

I got all my SkinFood stuff from Ebay. Just search for the SkinFood and take your picks from the sellers who offer them. Keep in mind though, that there's a HUGE markup. I mean BIG, like 2x or 3x the original price plus shipping. So yeah, I think it's best to have someone you know in HK, for example, to buy them there and send them to you. Or you should just stock up the next time you're visiting HK.


Anonymous said...

i have skinfood lemon aid 2 way cake powder,the finishing is so subtle and it doesnt make my face oily even after hours,the price is so reasonable,the puff are so soft,its just the perfect powder for me,i think their brand are excellent

Dalenna said...

Hi anonymous!

Thanks for stopping by!

Now that you've mention it, I'm curious about this 2 way cake too! In fact, I'm going to check it out on Ebay right now! :D Thanks for recommendation :D

Anonymous said...

i totally agree!!!! its the best!

DANA said...

heyyy i have one, and i love this too!! it's soooo yummy and just so nice. feels so smooth on the skin yet gently exfoliates, cleanses it.

follow my blog! =)

Mira said...

hello just dropping by..I saw someone asking where to buy nad yes i recommended ebay for now coz the seller rubyruby have discount 30%!that was more than enough to compare the local price here.the retails price here is so much expensive than i recommend u to buy now!

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