Thursday, July 24, 2008

SkinFood Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet

SkinFood is a Korean brand with a motto "Food Therapy" - totally my kind of brand :D Indeed, all their skin care and makeup items has some sort of food/fruits/vegetable element in it. Creamy cheese mask, anyone?

I think the first item from SkinFood that caught my eyes is the Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet - a sheet mask soaked in honey and royal jelly goodness! According to the packaging, the honey is supposed to be "calming, nourishing, minimizes redness and irritation and makes the skin brilliant and resilient." It also claims to "restore healthy skin and help visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles." We'll see about all that, but the idea is nice since honey has traditionally been a good ingredient in skincare.

This is my very first experience with a sheet mask, by the way. A sheet mask is a high quality soft and fabric-like paper mask cut out to fit your face with holes and/or flaps for the eyes, nose, and mouth. It is usually soaked in a thick serum and is used as a weekly treatment with focuses depending on your needs. The vast majority of sheet masks are individually packed for one time use. Basically, you take the sheet mask out, put it on your face and let your skin absorb for the good stuff for 15-20. Then you take it off, discard, and your skin is supposed to feel better. You are supposed to use it 2-3 times a week.

I worry mostly about hydration since my skin is so dry, so all the treatment masks I buy are supposed to be intensely moisturizing. That was why I took interest in the Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet, because of the nourishment the honey is supposed to provide. What I really wanted to try was the Honey & Royal Jelly Wash-off Mask, but it has been sold out in Korea so I settled for the sheet mask version instead.

And unfortunately, I have more negative things to say about the Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet.

1 - The design of the mask sucks: I really hope other brands has better cut of the sheet mask, but the SkinFood one was awful! It's supposed to be one size fit all, so I know it'll be big, but I didn't expect it to be THIS big! I mean, the holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth were so big they left the majority of my cheeks and a large area around my nose and mouth uncovered! Why put on a sheet mask when it doesn't cover the dry areas of my face? May be I just have a really small face? I knew there was a reason why I wanted the wash-off mask!!!

2 - It stings: sounds crazy, but it felt like I've put lots and lots of alcohol on my face, especially around the driest areas of my face! Great, just what I need, more alcohol to dry out my poor skin.

3 - It is S-T-I-C-K-Y: and I mean sticky as hell!!! It felt like I've glossed my face with syrup! So although you're not supposed to rinse your face after using a sheet mask, I ended up splashing on some water just to relieve myself of the stickiness. Ack!

4 - It's got too much honey in it: the mask reeks of freakin' honey! That explains why it was so sticky afterwards, doesn't it? Also, some of the stuff got on my lips, and wiping it off I accidentally got some in my mouth and wow, it tasted sweet too, just like honey! But it's great when a product actually contains what it claims, right? So what the hell am I complaining about? Well, remember I hate having sweet lip glosses and balms on my lips? Let's just say I hate it 1 million times more when I have sweet stuff all over my face! Now, when it comes to the sweet stuff that are meant to be eatened, that's a different story. They'd be going straight into my mouth. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

5 - I woke up with dull and tired skin the next day: Gar...

Given all the bad things I listed, that's not to say there aren't anything good about this sheet mask.

1 - It doesn't break me out: this is definitely a plus. My skin is very proned to clogged pores and break outs. Although this sheet mask stings, it doesn't clog my pores and does seem to provide some moisture.

2 - There are lots of serum in each packet: if I don't squeeze a bit out of the sheet mask before putting it on, I will end up with stuff dripping down all over my neck. So for every 2 sheet masks I use, I have enough extra serum to soak a new sheet mask tablet (will review these soon)! You'd have to be very careful about using a jar with a tight lid, all sanitized with alcohol, of course.

It's really too bad the SkinFood Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet didn't work out for me since it's a really nice idea for a weekly treatment. Perhaps I'll try a different brand. Onwards!

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