Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Etude House Orgel Light Eyes

My very first Korean eye shadows, in the form of Etude House Orgel Light Eyes! The first time I saw them, I was instantly attracted to the light, airy, and universally flattering color trios, of which 7 are available:

01 Silver Purple

02 Golden Yellow

03 White Pink

04 Peach Brown

05 Aqua Blue

06 Grey Blue

07 Khaki Brown

***Pictures from Etude Korea.

Even though these are baked eye shadows which I'm not normally fond of, I just had to get them all :D They come in a very cute pearly pink compact with mirror. They do not have applicators though, but that is fine by me since I never touch the applicators anyway. I prefer my own brushes.

All pictures taken indoor with flash.

As with many baked cosmetics, these Orgel Light Eyes aren't very soft and silky to the touch (which is why I don't really like baked stuff), but they are very shimmery metallic with certain trios more so than others, some are pearly metallic. They have very good staying power on me with no creasing, and I rarely use eye shadow base (too lazy...).

I'm reviewing trio# 01 - Silver Purple today and will review the rest after a fair trial.

01 - Silver Purple: All 3 shades are extremely metallic and shimmery, low intensity but show true pigments. Unlike many pastel eye shadows that ending up indistinguishable after application, the pink actually showed up pink and the lilac showed up lilac!

From top to bottom:
- Pastel pink: metallic, low intensity
- True silver: metallic, low intensity
- Lilac: metallic, low intensity

They go on a bit dry and chalky, however, and I must admit my thoughts upon the first application were, "Aww...damn it!" But I pressed on and did not regret giving these eye shadows a chance at all! Dry and chalky as they were, after a few blinks, they strangely "adapted" themselves to my lids, revealing a gorgeous metallic, and I mean METALLIC, wash! I can't quite explain what happened there, but it just looked like the eye shadow blended in with whatever that was on my lids (moisturizer, sunscreen, ...oil?), which was very odd. But hey, I'm not complaining...

Sorry the lighting wasn't too good, but at least you could see that the colors show up true, right?


Anonymous said...

I love the silver purple colors!

D. said...

Hi decorative diva!

I love the colors too! The other color combos are all very nice. I'll review them as I go, yah? :D

FuN and MakeUp said...

they all look really cute n shimmery i like it!

D. said...

Hi jesmakeup!

Thanks for visiting!

They are very shimmery and metallic. If you can a hold of them (ebay!), you should give them a try if you like shimmery shadows :)

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