Monday, October 20, 2008

IsQueen Ultramicro Aqua Deep Repairing Mask

My first dab into the Chinese brand IsQueen, which claims to employ Japanese NANO technology in its skincare products. Yeah, okay, not sure what that means but if their stuff is good, I'll give it a try.

IsQueen Ultramicro Aqua Deep Repairing Mask is decent. It comes with a thick and soft quality paper, almost cloth-like, mask that is better cut than others. It is lightly scented and unoffensive. After applying the mask for 20 minutes, the results is not fantastic, but it was good and refreshing. My skin was soft and moisturized with no greasy residue the next morning. No breakouts either, which is definitely a good point.

Unfortunately, that's it though. There's nothing impressive about the mask. Definitely another case for saving my money for the Hadabisei Moisturizing Masks with Collagen.

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