Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

I was having another busy day at work minding my own business and my colleague stopped by my desk with a white package, "This is yours." She said, putting it on my desk.

I was mystified, since I did not expect anything to come in the mail today. At the upper right hand corner of the package, it says, "Mask," so I thought it was the stage masks I had ordered for a client. Then I flipped the package and read the from-address and saw Singapore - heeeeeyyy, I know that name!

So I tore into it, of course, although nicely, with a pair of scissors. Inside was another envelope with pink hearts in silver circle. "Merry Christmas" and smiley face was hand-written on it in black marker. I gasped, speechless.

My girlie friend Cacaopack over at Beauty Unfolds took me by complete surprise - look at what she sent me! How sweet and lovely is she?

Nooooo wayyyyyy, for me?!?

Inside the envelop was these wonderful items she knew I'd totally appreciate:
- 3 Etude House Moistful Sheet Masks (try these chilled on a summer day!)
- A Watsons Bird's Nest Essence Facial Mask (better hide this quick cause my mum will probably fight me for it!)
- A SkinFood Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet (will try these and review ASAP!)
- A pretty purple gift box with ribbons and bows, inside of which is necklace with my initial, filled with a pearly drop!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Clarissa! You didn't just make my day, girlfriend, you made my MONTH!!! What a way to start December, and you bet I'll be laughing all the way!

*hugs and kisses*


Cacaopack said...

Oh, am surprised this time round it just took 8 days, I was actually worrying it would be delayed due to the massive festive mails =)

The Watsons' Birdnest Mask is quite raved about by the local girls, hope it is suitable for your skin.

p.s. my hand-writing looks awful, yucks.

Dalenna said...

Hey, hey, hey, that hand-writing is what I call *personality*, ok girlfriend? Really, thanks soooooo much for the awesome surprise!!! I'll try the Watsons' Birdnest Mask and will review right after :)


Mary in Wonder said...

oh so nice! Such mails can get one totally extastic! mask galore mmmm
and the necklace is veeeery pretty!

Dalenna said...

Hi Mary in Wonder!

Isn't it so sweet of Cacaopack to send me an Xmas present and totally took me by surprise? Yes, I was smiling that whole day and still smile when I think about it!

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