Thursday, November 19, 2009

Etude House Moistfull Sheet Mask

During my sheet mask phase, I was dying to get my hands on these Etude House Moistfull Sheet Mask but apparently they're not for sale but are given out (by Etude House) as GWP. And then I found an Ebay seller who sold them :D

Been using them off and on since the summer, more frequent during the hot months and much less often now, if at all. These have the same scent as the rest of the Moistfull line, which I really like. However, the masks themselves didn't have the best fit and they were cut funny. I was also a bit disappointed that the serum they were soaked in was runny and watery, and that they only provided very light moisture and hydration. And while that combination worked perfectly in the heat and humidity, they're pretty much useless right now and I might as well skip them.

So yeah, I sort of see why they don't sell these and give them out instead. But then again, during the summer and your skin needs some refreshment, these are awesome chilled!!!

But they're pretty much a seasonal item, limited to usage during the hot and humid summer, I'm afraid.


Cacaopack said...

does it give a sticky feel?
if yes, i will give a pass.
its toner and lotion don't cut for me, or is it the weather here? umm.

Dalenna said...

Hi Clarissa!

No, it's not the weather. The lotion was okay and can get stick when applied too much, but the toner was definitely S-T-I-C-K-Y. I hated the toner myself. yuck.

The sheet mask is quite okay. When you first remove it, it will feel a bit sticky because the essence is still damp on your skin. Just give it 15 minutes and it will be all good. At least it was that way for me. Try it!

Cacaopack said...

LOL. sounds try-able, i will order a sheet then :) did i mention my skin has gotten so dry until my face is cracking soon? it is like a yo-yo, swinging from extremely oily to dry. sob sob.

oh ya, i don't have any personal account with FB (cacaopack doesn't count right haha). might come as a surprise to you but i am actually pretty much a very private person in real life *shy*

Dalenna said...

Oh no! Is it because of the weather? Although I can't imagine it getting dry where you are :) Perhaps it's stress?

LOL I actually got a FB account only recently. I've held out for so long, but all my friends and family are on it and they kept telling me to get with the program (peer pressure!!!), so yah, I finally caved. And then my colleague told me the other day I'm 6 years too late and now it's actually *cool* NOT to be on FB cause everyone else is on it. GAH!!!!

Cacaopack said...

LOL, you know, just last friday a church pal was asking why am I not on FB and I actually replied the same thing as your colleague! =P

I had mine about 3 years ago and back then it was not this hype yet (especially the games). But when everyone started hopping in, I closed my account as I found it too tiring to be constantly "on air". Thats me. My SO and friends are still very much addicted to FB. My SO uses the notes function like mini blog entries haha...

Dalenna said...

Good thing I'm not to the addicting point yet - phew! But I know people who are. Seriously!

I guess Eno and I used to move around a lot and I feel guilty for not staying in touch more with my friends and family, so FB is convenient in that aspect :)

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