Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Liniere February 2011

Liniere February 2011 issue features a very pretty Cabbages & Roses freebie tote bag.

I must admit, the brand name Cabbages & Roses makes me giggle, but the picture on the magazine cover doesn't really do this tote any justice. It's actually a really pretty red flower print on an off white background!

The tote is made of polyester fabric and measures 33(height) x 40(length) x 13(width). It is very well made with even and clean stitching.

It has no outer or inner pockets but does come with 2 cream colored cotton ribbons as a form of closure.

And even though the tote is lined with cream colored polyester, I do feel that the outer polyester fabric is thin to begin with, so this tote won't be adequate for a shopping trip but more appropriate for, say, a stroll down the park with a book and a bottle of water inside.

The lining is thin too.

The cotton ribbon closure looks very cute, but is impractical. Who the heck has the time to tie that pretty bow every time? I do like the tote a lot, but it's more of a pretty and delicate "wallflower" tote and not so much one that's meant to be used.

Also, this issue of Liniere is also unfortunately boring, so much I couldn't find a single thing to take a picture of to share...


Elaine said...

i am a collector of this mag but i missed this issue. i am wondering if would be keen to sell the copy?
where are you based btw?

D. said...

Hi Elaine,

I'm in Japan, and I am assuming you are also collecting the freebie bag that comes with the magazine? Because I am collecting these bags also.


Elaine said...

not really, i can do without the bag but i guess its a bit tough for you to sell the mag since you are in japan.
i m from spore btw.


D. said...

Hi Elaine,

Well, if you just want the magazine, sure I can sell it to you. How much are you willing to pay for the magazine?

I paid 680yen for it originally so I won't charge you more than that. I'm not sure how much shipping costs from Japan to Singapore so I'll have to figure that out too.

Leave me your email address (spell it out so avoid spam) and I'll contact you for your address.


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