Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keawjal (Thai Cuisine)

Yes, hubby and I love Thai food, hence the many posts on various Thai restaurants in Tokyo-Yokohama area. And thank goodness we finally found a very decent place with decently authentic food, especially the noodle soups - Keawjai, located on the 1st Basement of the Queen's East building (inside Queen's Square) in Minato Mirai, Yokohama.

Keawjai is not really a sit down restaurant, per se. It's actually more like a food court setting, just like Thai Avenue. The prices are food court prices too, with huge lunch special sets for less than 1,000yen. You have a choice of the stir fry lunch set that comes with stir fry, rice, soup, a small Thai salad, and dessert, or a noodle soup lunch set that comes with noodles soup, small fried rice, small Thai salad, and dessert. Hubby and I have had dinner there, a giant one too I might add with 3 different noodle soups, a full plate of stir fry, and desserts, all for just 3,500yen. We left the place totally stuffed and our Thai food cravings thoroughly satisfied.

Since Keawjai's discovery, we've eaten there several times now and out of all those times, I've only managed to take a few pictures of the foods we ordered. The rest of the time, we wolfed down our food faster than I can say, "Wait, I need to take pictures!" LOL

A rice noodles soup I forgot the name of ^.^

Thai basil chicken stir fry

This egg noodle soup is even closer to "our noodles," the noodles from a street stall in my sister and I grew up eating, than Tinun's noodle soup. And yes, I texted my sister when this dish was served and she's totally excited to try it when she visits me next.

They even have something similar to Chè Hạt Lựu (left), literally Pomegranate Seeds Pudding, a Vietnamese dessert pudding with bits and pieces of water chestnut covered in tapioca (resembling pomegranate seeds, hence its namesake), served in coconut milk. The other dessert on the right is a baked coconut milk pudding.

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