Tuesday, June 24, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Eyeshadow Comparison Swatches (Picture heavy!)

So this is my entire L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Eyeshadow collection so far. This collection is in no way complete and I don't have all the colors ever released - I only bought the colors I would wear. 

There's a little quirk with these lovely eye shadows though. It's not unusual that L'Oreal Paris would release different colors in different markets, USA, Canada, Europe, etc. It's not weird either that they would repeat some colors in different markets also. What's really wacko though is that when they do repeat colors in different markets, those colors are repeated in different names

How do you know which color is new and not just renamed? To start you should go study the master swatch list from MACnunu's blog. Not only she has a check list of names between Canadian versus US versus UK/European/international versions, she also has comparison swatches of several similar looking colors. 

So yeah, I'm merely playing with the spectrum of colors I have, because they're all so puuurdy ^.^ I arranged the colors according to their numbers instead of by collection. Even then, I'm not sure if there's any reason or rhyme for these numbers either.

Click on the thumbnails to zoom. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

From left to right:  
- 1st row: 021 Sahara Treasure, 023 Black Onyx, 031 Innocent Turquoise, 032 Sassy Marshmallow, 036 Naughty Strawberry, 037 Metallic Lilac, 039 Magnetic Coral, and 040 Cosmic Black.
- 2nd row: 222 Infinite Sky, 333 Golden Sage, 335 Golden Emerald, 337 Endless Sea, and 340 Dive Right In.
- 3rd row: 405 Pink Sapphire, 407 Gold Imperial, 408 Gleaming Bronze, 507 Primped & Precious, 555 Perpetual Purple, 557 Glistening Garnet, and 607 Blinged & Brilliant.
- 4th row: 755 Gilded Envy, 756 Always Pearly Pink, 757 Silver Sky, 758 Purple Priority, 759 Burst Into Bloom, and 760 Timeless Blue Spark.
- 5th row: 888 Iced Latte, 889 Midnight Blue, 890 Bronzed Taupe, 892 Amber Rush, 899 Endless Pearl, 996 Liquid Diamond, 997 Eternal Sunshine, and 999 Eternal Black.

For the actual comparison swatches, I followed the color spectrum and not the color numbers, because we've established that the color numbers are kind of, umm, random. I compare similar colors first, then pair most with a "distant cousin" and move on this way through the color family tree. Swatch pictures are first taken head-on, then angled.

Anyway, I struggled a lot with where in the spectrum to start, and after going back and forth a few times I decided on these silver and grays. We'll see how that works. If not, oh well. At least enjoy all the pretty colors ^.^

032 Sassy Marshmallow, 507 Primped & Precious, 996 Liquid Diamond, and 757 Silver Sky. 

- 032 Sassy Marshmallow (top) versus 340 Dive Right In (bottom).
- 507 Primped & Precious (top) versus 222 Infinite Sky (bottom).
- 996 Liquid Diamond (top) versus 037 Metallic Lilac (bottom). 
- 757 Silver Sky (top) is a true silver, and there is not a distant cousin to this color unless they release a silvery white. So in effect, I would say this color is unique, at least among those I own.

222 Infinite Sky, 760 Timeless Blue Spark, 889 Midnight Blue. 

- 889 Midnight Blue (top) versus 758 Purple Priority (bottom).

555 Perpetual Purple, 758 Purple Priority, and 037 Metallic Lilac.

- 555 Perpetual Purple versus 759 Burst into Bloom, with 557 Glistening Garnet thrown in for good measure ^.^

557 Glistening Garnet, 756 Always Pearly Pink, 036 Naughty Strawberry, and 759 Burst into Bloom.

- 756 Always Pearly Pink versus 405 Pink Sapphire.

405 Pink Sapphire, 607 Blinged & Brilliant, 892 Amber Rush, and 890 Bronzed Taupe.

- 607 Blinged & Brilliant versus 888 Iced Latte.

607 Blinged & Brilliant, 888 Iced Latte, and 899 Endless Pearl.

Versus 997 Eternal Sunshine and 021 Sahara Treasure.

021 Sahara Treasure, 407 Gold Imperial, and 997 Eternal Sunshine.

408 Gleaming Bronze, 040 Cosmic Black, 755 Gilded Envy, 023 Black Onyx, and 999 Eternal Black.

Close up of 408 Gleaming Bronze and 040 Cosmic Black, see how much warmer and more golden 408 Gleaming Bronze is, and how much greener and more olive 040 Cosmic Black is?

- 408 Gleaming Bronze versus 021 Sahara Treasure
- 040 Cosmic Black versus 335 Golden Emerald
- 755 Gilded Envy versus 333 Golden Sage
- 023 Black Onyx versus 507 Primped & Precious, see how obviously blue 507 Primped and Precious is?

031 Innocent Turquoise, 340 Dive Right In, and 337 Endless Sea. 340 Dive Right In looks very blue here, and I love that greenish gold sheen in 337 Endless Sea!

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Unknown said...

Wow, what a great post with the comparisons! If anything, this has made me want even more shades...

D. said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Stephanie!


Emmy L said...

Great swatches! Now I have lots of colors to choose from. I an eyeing for the blue and purple ones.

D. said...

Thank you for reading, Emmy!

Citrine said...

Impressive collection! It's a bummer that most of the interesting shades are not available in US...I mean I would totally go crazy over some of those taupe, brown and the metallic lilac...Anyway, this formula slip off pretty quickly on my lids so I guess I don't have to feel too bad about not having access to them.

D. said...

Thanks Citrine! It really is too bad they have to make shades that are not available outside of certain regions. I guess it's a good marketing ploy, right? They make you want what you can't have...

I tried the Milani eye primer (from your post!) with these and they lasted all day!


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