Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette

After the heavy and humongous block of plastic that was the Sephora Hot Hues Baked Eye Shadow Palette, you'd think I quit the Sephora palettes, but nope, I got myself into trouble again, this time with the Moonshadow Baked Palette. There are several color choices available, but I picked In the Nude, because, well, it's neutral.

Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette In the Nude. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Sephora got a little better with packaging, and these Moonshadow palettes with 10 baked colors are about the same width and height as the Hot Hues palettes with 5 baked colors, only longer. I still think they could shrink the packaging even further, may be cut about 1/5 of the length, because the shadow pans are pretty widely spaced.

All the eye shadows are baked powder and can be used dry or wet. As expected of baked powders they are on the dry side, but nothing intolerable and are smoother to the touch. And to be honest the colors are a lot more interesting when used wet. When dry they are less pigmented, and only one has a metallic finish while the rest struggle to be semi metallic or just stay shimmery. When wet all become metallic or intensely metallic with more depth. The top row are 5 light and medium/lid colors, and the bottom rows are 5 darker crease and liner colors.

Top row: Cream, Light Bronze, Soft Gold, Peach, and Taupe.
Bottom row: Silver, Deep Brown, Honey Brown, Deep Sienna, and Plum.

- Cream: the sheerest of the bunch when used dry.
Dry: shimmer, very sheer. A sheer and translucent off white with slight pink tone in direct sunlight.
Wet: metallic, medium intensity. Gains a lot more sparkles, in addition to the intense metallicity. The slight pink tone in direct sunlight is still there, and the color gains opacity, so all the shimmers turn it a bit frosty.

- Light Bronze:
Dry: semi metallic, low intensity. The color name is light bronze but I think it's totally peach, both in the pan as well as on me, with conspicuous white sparkles.
Wet: metallic, high intensity. Becomes intensely metallic, pigmented, and opaque peach with lots of copper showing through despite the white sparkles.

- Soft Gold:
Dry: shimmer, low intensity. I think it's more of a shimmery, semi translucent champagne that's almost semi metallic but not quite ^.^
Wet: metallic, high intensity. Becomes a golden champagne with an intensely metallic and opaque finish, and pigmented.

- Peach:
Dry: semi metallic, low intensity. Way too pink to be peach, but I'll settle for a peachy pink, again with copious white sparkles.
Wet: metallic, high intensity. Becomes even more pink when used wet, and intensely metallic, pigmented, and opaque.

- Taupe:
Dry: semi metallic, low intensity. A pretty purplish taupe.
Wet: metallic, medium intensity. Same pretty purplish taupe, only full on metallic.

- Silver
Dry: semi metallic, low intensity. A bluish slate silver.
Wet: metallic, medium intensity. Same bluish slate silver, only full on metallic.

- Deep Brown:
Dry: satin, medium intensity. Dark chocolate in satin base with floating silver sparkles.
Wet: semi metallic, high intensity. Same dark chocolate but gains some metallicity and pigmentation. The silver sparkles are also brought to the foreground and this shade becomes a lot more sparkly.

- Honey Brown: the only shade that's fully metallic when dry.
Dry: metallic, medium intensity. Not honey brown but more of a bronze.
Wet: metallic, high intensity. Same bronze, only becomes intensely metallic, opaque, and pigmented with a golden sheen. Very pretty!

- Deep Sienna:
Dry: shimmer, medium intensity. Milk chocolate with plummy shimmers.
Wet: metallic, high intensity. Becomes a metallic plummy brown and also gains pigmentation.

- Plum: this color is the patchiest of the bunch when used dry.
Dry: shimmer, low intensity. Not plum at all but rather purple, somewhat translucent with a gold sheen.
Wet: metallic, medium intensity. Same color but becomes metallic and gains opacity, and with and intense gold sheen. Lovely when used wet!

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