Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tokyo National Museum, Ueno, Tokyo

On another sunny weekend, hubby and I reminisced on the MET and opted to visit the Tokyo National Museum instead. I guess the point here to be open minded, but we weren't, and having frequented the MET we had certain expectations in our heads was sorely disappointed upon seeing the Tokyo National Museum. Let's just say the MET just blows this place out of the water. I mean, it wasn't fair for us to compare the two places to begin with, so if you love the MET, it's best you visit other museums with no expectations or you will be sorely disappointed too.

The main building

The Tokyo National Museum has several buildings, but each were small with only a couple of floors. Even the main building has only 2 floors in a square shaped loop and visitors walk around from one corner of the building to another. Mean while, the whole space in the middle is pretty much just sitting empty space. Hubby and I went through this main building rather quickly, in about 1 hour, most probably because our museum-visit style is just walk slowly by and appreciate the items on display. Still, we visited the MET the same way and have never ever gone through even one floor in a day!

The East Asian Arts building

So yeah, after an hour, hubby and I wondered out loud to ourselves, "That's it?!?" Yep, that was it, and onto the next building we went and the process repeated over with these buildings as well. It was a strange experience ^.^ At least the buildings were pretty. Too bad we weren't interested in the teahouses. There are 3 of them within the museum ground, but we didn't go look.

There were many other museums in the area, but we didn't quite make it because it was already closing time when we got done with the Tokyo National Museum.

Me in front of the Tokyo Natural Science Museum, which had a giant metal statue of a blue whale.

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