Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tokyo Sundubu

Tokyo Sundubu is a restaurant dedicated to serving sundubu jjigae with various ingredients and toppings. And boy do I love the place! I honestly have never heard of sundubu until I spotted a branch in Minato Mirai Queen's Square, right across the hall from Keawjal. And having had lunch there once was enough for me to come home and comb the internet for a recipe, which I later tweaked to my taste at home.

Hubby's lunch set, beef tendon sundubu, which he said was pretty tasty!

At Tokyo Sundubu, the cheapest lunch set is at 900yen, and it's a basic pork sundubu, with rice on the side, 3 sides of marinaded vegetables (greens, shredded carrots, and soy bean spouts), and a small dessert of orange jelly. A fantastic deal if you ask me! But of course they have many different variety of sundubu for you to pick, from sea food toppings to meat and, for those more adventurous, innards and such. All sundubu dishes come with an egg and you can choose the broth to be salt-based or miso-based. Hubby and I have tried both and honestly could not tell the difference between the two. I am guessing because the broth had tons of gochugaru, so it must have overwhelmed the miso? Also, you can choose the level of spice for your sundubu, from none spicy at all to 6 chilis. I like mine at 5, which is pretty spicy, and hubby likes his at 3, which is about medium. I haven't had the guts to try 6 yet, because I'd rather enjoy my meal than, well, not taste it due a burning tongue.

I usually stick with the meat as toppings in my sundubu, because it is a sea food based broth, so there are already clams and shrimps and that's enough sea food for me. Hubby likes to try different sundubus, and he had tried a tomato broth once and thought it was good. There are also additional toppings if you want to add something extra to your sundubu, like kimchi, mentaiko, extra meat, etc. If you order things like kimchi or extra meat, they will be added directly into your sundubu (fresh kimchi is ok, but you wouldn't want a side of raw meat, do you?). But all other extra toppings are served on the side, like the mentaiko.

My lunch set, the basic pork, but I added kimchi (in the soup) and mentaiko (on the side).

It was a nice cooler day when we went out for lunch and then shopped around for a TV all afternoon. We haven't had a TV in our home since 2006, and no, we don't live in a cave. Pssst, there's this thing call the internet.

- Hat: Aeropostale
- Shirt: Express
- T-shirt: Aeropostale
- Camisole: Aeropostale
- Belt: JCrew
- Bag: Mercury Duo freebie tote from Cutie May 2011 issue
- Shorts: Express
- Tights: Uniqlo
- Shoes: Nine West

My best cave[wo]man impression :P


Anonymous said...

mmmm, the food looks so good and picante. i'm salivating. i'm a sucker for spicy food too. and i love hot bowl soup with some rice! True comfort food indeed!

nah, u no cavewoman. in Uk, i had black-n-white tv that i found abandoned in the closet. i was scared i'd get caught using a tv b/c in UK there's a TV tax if u own a tv. never thought i'd use BW tv in my life. LOL One of my colleagues doesnt even have a tv...he just uses the internet. i was first quite shocked but then i thought, yea, TV really isnt as necessary as before thanks to the web.

looking so cute, D! the mercury bag gives the outfit an extra unexpected kick! how do you like that bag? does it feel or look 'cheap"? it is a cute design but it looks a tad cheapy-gloss-like in pics. wish it had pockets or a button/zipper/fastener too.

btw, did u order the beacon stripped wedge shoe yet?! :D


D. said...

Hi d.,

Ooohh there's a TV tax in the UK? Now I see where the Japanese get it from! It's call the NHK tax here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NHK). NHK being the largest national broadcast in Japan, and it's available to anyone who owns a TV (TVs in Japan went all digital just a few months ago...). So if you own a TV, somehow an NHK man will mysteriously shows up at your door asking for as much as 3-4,000yen (~$39-52) a month! He knocked on my door several months ago when we first moved into our new apartment, but we didn't have our TV then (we still don't have one) and he looked at me funny when I told him we don't have a TV lol!

Actually, the Mercury Duo bag does feel cheap and plastic-y. It does have 1 button closure but no pockets. I take it around on grocery shopping trips when I know I'll need my free hands to carry stuff. I'd say skip this one if you're going to have to pay an arm and a leg for it!

I did order the beacon striped wedge shoes (and a few other pairs too...), but they're sitting at home ^.^ I'm going to visit home in about a week and will try them on then. I'll post the pics to show you :D


Anonymous said...

now why am i not so surprised there's a TV tax in JP? lol...as if living there isnt pricey enough.
I lived in hospital housing in UK and no one had TV taxman knock in the door asking for dinero. so that's good. :D I guess JP enforces that law more than the UK.

thank you for the advice on the mercuryduo. it looks so nice on u. oooh, btw, i gave in and got the sweet snidel bag.....it is awesome. my first mook...cannot believe how great the quality is for a magazine freebie. now i want more cute mook bags....that's not good. LOL

cant wait to see what u think about the shoes! hope u will enjoy them and that they fit. u have a safe trip home (if i dont get a chance to go online b4 ur next post). :D


D. said...

Hi d.,

I'm so glad you got the Snidel freebie bag to see for yourself! And if you think the Snidel bag is awesome, boy oh boy, you're in a for a treat as I've seen much much nicer magazine freebie bags...though perhaps I shouldn't tempt you too much haha ^.^

Actually the NHK tax here isn't enforced at all. The NHK man just goes door to door knocking, and it's not like he would break in to check to see if you're lying. And while I wasn't lying, I'm sure tons of people do, because let's face it, 3-4,000yen a month is a ridiculous amount, and NHK is just 1 station! To that extent, I'm surprised NHK is still operating after all these years, because that's seriously one main source of their revenue, with the other being commercials...


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