Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pearl Eye Shadow Part II

With this second batch of NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pearl Eye Shadows, I'm going to have to revise my previous comments a bit. I said in my last post that the metallic finishes dull after a while, ending up being only semi-metallic after half an hour or so. Apparently that does not happen with all the metallic shades! While swatching I encountered 2 shades, LP17 Yellow Gold and LP18 Orange, both with metallic finish that did not dull at all! They are also super pigmented!

Left picture taken in natural light without flash.
***Right picture from NYX Cosmetics.

- LP11 Baby Pink: shimmer, low intensity. Not baby pink at all but more of a lotus pink with some violet in it. It's actually quite a pretty base/highlighter!

For all paired pictures below, the left was taken indoor with flash, and the right taken in natural light without flash.

- LP12 Purple: shimmer, low intensity. More like violet with a slightly pearly finish that makes a gorgeous crease shade.

- LP13 Sky Pink: semi metallic, medium intensity. Now this is a pretty color! It's a warm semi metallic blush pink lid shade that can be layered for the crease. If you're wondering, the pigment leaked and dyed the yellow label pink on the right picture.

- LP14 Turquoise: shimmer, medium intensity. Too blue and not green enough to be turquoise. It has silver shimmers and despite the intensity, it's still a tad translucent. Makes a pretty crease shade though!

- LP15 Lilac: shimmer, very sheer. The swatch was layered, so this color is actually very sheer. It's a nice lilac with a slightly iridescent lavender sheen.

From left to right: LP11 Baby Pink, LP12 Purple, LP13 Sky Pink, LP14 Turquoise, and LP15 Lilac. Swatch picture taken in natural light without flash. You can sort of see the silvery shimmer ring around the LP14 Turquoise swatch as well.

- LP16 Space: shimmer, medium intensity. This "space" is rather bright :P I think it's a candy blue with a slight iridescent periwinkle sheen. 

- LP17 Yellow Gold: metallic, high intensity. My oh my this color is pigmented! It's a gorgeous and bright turmeric yellow that's even more intense than the yellow gold in Maquillage Jeweling Palette 10 Noble Glamorous! Absolutely love it, though I would never wear it ^.^ Not for the faint of heart, or chicken shits like me.

- LP18 Orange: metallic, high intensity. Yet another super pigmented color! This one looks very orange in the swatch but has a lot more copper in natural light.

- LP19 Mink: semi metallic, medium intensity. A very pretty semi metallic peach.

- LP20 Mocha: semi metallic, low intensity. This color is totally deceiving because it's nowhere as dark as it looks in the jar, definitely not dark enough to be mocha. That said, it's a pretty and warm taupe beige that's basically a lighter but slightly more metallic version of the crease shade in Lavshuca Melting Eyes BR-1. I do wish it was darker, but it will still work on the crease if layered.

From left to right: LP16 Space, LP17 Yellow Gold, LP18 Orange, LP19 Mink, and LP20 Mocha. Swatch picture taken in natural light without flash. Gotta love that yellow!

My first picks in this batch are LP17 Yellow Gold, LP18 Orange, and LP19 Mink, then LP12 Purple, LP13 Sky Pink, and finally LP14 Turquoise.


Pearl said...

You're right, that yellow is so pigmented! Usually yellow colors are sheer and pale >< it looks really nice :)

D. said...

Hi Pearl,

Yes, the swatch picture does not do this yellow justice!! Though I'm not sure how I would wear it... ^.^


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