Monday, August 5, 2013

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Part III

Ulta offered a decent GWP back in May, just the right excuse I need to pick up the 4 new Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter as well as the Nivea Lip Butters I spotted from Citrine.

Ulta GWP May 2013. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The new colors are 027 Juicy Papaya, 047 Pink Lemonade, 053 Sorbet, and 063 Wild Watermelon. I happy to report all 4 are totally wearable, at least for me. Not only they are all shimmer free, they are also translucent, which wins huge points with me. That said, because they are translucent, they may not be as pigmented or provide as much coverage as some people may prefer. But they, that's what lipsticks are for, and these aren't meant to be lipsticks. 

- 027 Juicy Papaya: translucent pinky peach. Very sophisticated and demure.

- 047 Pink Lemonade: this color is basically 005 Sugar Frosting without the pearly shimmers. It does make my lips slightly pale, but since it's translucent, it actually doesn't look bad. This is a great color to tone down one's lips with if needed.

- 053 Sorbet: mix 075 Lollipop and 090 Sweet Tart together, leaving out the shimmers and the lilac iridescent sheen from the former and wahlah, you'll have 053 Sorbet. This color is better than the other two in my humble opinion, and its translucency makes it buildable and wearable. Likey!

- 063 Wild Watermelon: a gorgeous translucent yellow based red but turns more of a bright poinsettia red on my lips. Despite the brightness, it's very sexy and not garish at all. This is my favorite of all the lip butters. Period.

From left to right: 027 Juicy Papaya, 047 Pink Lemonade, 053 Sorbet, and 063 Wild Watermelon.

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Citrine said...

Oh, I think I need to pick up Juicy Papaya once CVS has it on sale (then I might also get a Super lustrous Shine in Lover's Coral, I heard that the new formula is pretty good).

I still haven't tried Sorbet (because the split on the corner of my lips) but I am glad that it's a bolder take on Sweet Tart(which I also like very much).

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Yup, love both Sorbet and Wild Watermelon, and I wore Juicy Papaya out to dinner earlier tonight ^.^

I'll look forward to seeing your review of the Super Lustrous Shine. Haven't tried any of those before!


kuri said...

Hrm, do I need Candy Apple or Wild Watermelon? Juicy Papaya is tempting too...

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Well, Candy Apple is more opaque and pigmented, whereas Wild Watermelon is also pigmented but translucent.

Juicy Papaya has some opacity too, so it will come off more candied, at least on my lips ^.^


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