Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coffret D'Or Full Memory Rouge

This Coffret D'Or Full Memory Rouge was another cart filler. I guess I was in a total random mood that day and lost control over impulse buying, not that I had any to begin with...

This is an older line of lipsticks that Coffret D'Or don't make anymore and they've been discontinued a couple of years ago. As with many Japanese lipsticks, there were two formulas available, Color and Glow, with Color being more pigmented and opaque for more coverage and Glow being sheerer with a glossy finish.

Thankfully, there was only 1 color available, RD-168 Color(as in the Color range versus Glow), so there was no agonizing over which color(s) to get, or worse, get them all because I can't decide for the life of me (like Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge and Moist Melting Rouge, although thankfully no regrets whatsoever over both). Phew. Dodged that bullet.

I really like the square long packaging of brushed aluminum that's both lightweight and sleek. I do wish the cap click close a little tighter because right now it sort of slides off rather easily.

Since I've only tried one color in the Color formula so I can't speak for the Glow formula (hmm...I'm sensing a coming excuse to go hunt down some more colors...), but this one has a thinner texture and applies with lots of slip, very much like Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge minus the buttery mushiness, so there's no fear of breakage with each application. That said, I actually prefer less slip and more tug in my lipsticks, so this is a bit too slippery for me. The lipstick is unscented as expected, however this formula is neither moisturizing or drying. I'm hoping the Glow formula will be more moisturizing, because right now I'm not particularly impressed with this Color formula. You might like it if you like slippage, otherwise it's nothing special. The color RD-168 is pretty though!

- RD-168 Color: a pretty warm coral red with fine microscopic gold shimmers that yields a semi-metallic finish, very much like that brushed aluminum packaging! Pretty neat! It's not as smooth as it can get due to all the shimmers, but by no means it's gritty. I don't feel the shimmers at all. Being the Color formula it's opaque and is very decently pigmented - the swatch is done with one swipe!


Ann said...

You have such good luck with your hauls!

Such a lovely color! I been trying this year to restrict myself for buying too much because pretty is pretty and I want pretty!! But I'm so bad at it!! T_T


D. said...

Hi Ann,

Actually, it's hit and miss for me also and I'm not always so lucky. Some colors are just outright horrible on me and I always end up giving lots of my stuff away (after taking pictures for this blog ^.^).


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