Sunday, April 13, 2014

Visee x Gathers In the Park Glam Pink Eyes

I didn't bother with Visee Glam Pink Eyes when they first came out. Just from the stock pictures online, all the palettes are sheer and pink-toned. While I like both sheer and pinks, in an eye shadow palette I do need at least the liner shade to be dark enough to line, and none of the options available then look anything close to being a liner color.

Fast forward a few years, the range was discontinued and these two Visee x Gathers In the Park limited editions PK-6 Glamorous Pink and PK-7 Natural Pink went on sale, plus my one and only youtube guru Asahi Sasaki (formerly manwomanfilm) said these two are among her favorites, I thought what the hell, it wouldn't hurt to just try, so I picked them up.

PK-6 Glamorous Pink and PK-7 Natural Pink

By the way, if you're wondering why Asahi Sasaki is my one and only, that's because she's insanely talented yet her videos are never ever about any particular product, brand, or tool.  Rather, she focuses on the techniques, which of course I will never get but it doesn't change the fact that she's mesmerizing to watch :P I've had a girlie crush on her for years, since 2008-ish - that's six years and counting, folks! Talk about devotion ^.^ Now she does talk more about products, a result of everyone and their sisters (and brothers too, probably) wondering what amazing things she uses, the vast majority of which turn out to be drugstore brands like NYX, ELF, etc., and Japanese drugstore brands too, of course.

Anyways, back to these limited edition Visee x Gathers in the Park Glam Pink Eyes palettes. To my surprise, I quite like them! They're very finely milled, not as buttery as it can get but still super silky to the touch. Unlike your average sparkly Japanese eye palette, all the colors are softly shimmery and not high wattage at all. The highlighting shade (top) has an opalescent finish, the lid (2nd from top) and medium/crease (3rd from top) have a semi-metallic finish, and the liner shade (bottom) is a lustrous satin. There isn't a sparkly top wash, and the liner shade is thankfully dark enough, the liner shade in PK-7 Natural Pink more so than PK-6 Glamorous Pink, but both are buildable colors. And plus I'm in no shortage of sparkly top washes should I fancy some bling. No problem here. 

This means both palettes are office appropriate and I was wearing them to class for the longest time. They're super easy to wear and the result is a soft and feminine, low maintenance look. So yeah, these became unexpected favorites and I reached for them quite often, especially for the two highlighter shades believe it or not. In the end, I had to tear myself away to move on and try something else. But whenever I travel for work, I have a list of office go-to's and these rank pretty high on that list.

PK-6 Glamorous Pink: a pink chocolate palette that I think is more feminine than glamorous, but that's not to say it's not pretty. It is, very. In the pan it leans warm but on me it's definitely a lot more neutral.

From top to bottom:
- Highlighter: pearl, low intensity. A pinky off-white with a soft pearly finish.
- Lid: semi-metallic, sheer. A pretty translucent fleshy pink that looks a lot warmer in the pan that it does on me. Due to its translucency it's pretty much a sheer wash on the lid and I do wish it was more opaque, because I want the semi-metallic finish to show a little better. 
- Medium/crease: semi-metallic, medium intensity. A pretty pinky taupe.
- Liner: satin, medium intensity. A pinky chocolate that's not as pigmented as I would like, but fortunately it's dark enough to be layered. I reach for liner pencils for the top lid these days, so powder shadows go on the lower lash line anyway, which mean I don't want them too dark.

PK-7 Natural Pink: A peach beige palette that's definitely warm, but I happen to like this one better than the pink chocolate palette above, not in the least because the liner color is darker than the liner in PK-6 Glamorous Pink.

From top to bottom:
- Highlighter: pearl, low intensity. A lovely pearly ivory that I reach for pretty often!
- Lid: semi-metallic, low intensity. A glistening peach that's slightly more opaque than the fleshy pink in PK-6 Glamorous Pink. Makes a really pretty wash on the lids.
- Medium/crease: semi-metallic, medium intensity. A taupey beige.
- Liner: satin, medium intensity. A bitter chocolate. It's not any more pigmented than the pink chocolate in the PK-6 Glamorous Pink but it's a darker color, so it's perfectly adequate as a liner.


kuri said...

How pretty!

I can't decide if brown palettes actually work for me these days, but these look easy to use and very tempting.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

These totally took me surprise and I didn't expect to like them at all - I thought the permanent range was totally bland and boring!

And I like the brown palette more because it's more of a peachy beige than brown, save for the liner of course ^.^


Claire said...

Thanks for posting this, I've been curious about Visee. Are these palettes available for sale in the U.S. via etailer? If so, which one? Thanks.

D. said...

Hi Claire,

Thanks for reading and commenting!

These palettes are still available on e(vil)bay, though in very limited quantity since they've been discontinued a couple of years ago.

Otherwise, Visee as a Kose brand is available from a few etailers below, all of whom are outside of the US but will ship to the US without any problem.
- Adam Beauty (Hongkong, most reasonably priced, close to, equal to, or sometimes even cheaper than Japanese retail)
- Gooddealer (Hongkong, more expensive)
- Ichibankao (Japan, most up to date releases, but prices are marked up 2+ times and inclusive of shipping, I don't order from here unless it's the absolute last resort)
- there's always e(vil)bay.

Hope this helps.

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