Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Part II

Since my last Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge I have found 2 more colors RS-2 and RS-3, both in the old discontinued packaging. I have already reviewed these in details so I won't repeat again. All I'll say is that if I ever come upon a color I don't have in this same packaging, I will buy it without a second thought :) I absolutely LOVE these!

Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge RS-2 and RS-3. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'm also thrilled that these 2 colors I found are actually "colors" and not just another nude or my-lips-but-better that are quite common among Japanese lipsticks. Don't get me wrong, it's these nudes and my-lips-but-betters that make these lipsticks super wearable. But sometimes, I just want some color and that search can get frustrating because, well, they all look the same. Within the past year though, I've been seeing a trend for colorful and pigmented lipsticks in Japanese drugstore brands like Visee, so let's hope they keep this up and not revert to the safety zone.

- RS-2: a reddish rose that's pigmented but is not quite opaque, which means I can sheer it out a bit to my desired intensity. It does have some very fine shimmers that don't show at all.

- RS-3: a much cooler, and much more translucent pink. Despite the translucency, this color turns even brighter on my lips and I get more of a fresh carnation pink. It also has shimmers that don't show.

See my previous Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge post.

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