Thursday, September 4, 2014

HanSkin Super Collagen Gel

I cleaned out this tiny 5g jar of HanSkin Super Collagen Gel within one week ^.^ It came from the HanSkin Travel Set, which also includes 25mL each of Hyaluron Skin Lotion, World Foam Cleanser, and Olive Essential Cleansing Oil (haven't tried this yet), and 10mL tube of Super Light Touch B.B. SPF30 PA++, which gave me a bad case of lemmings for other HanSkin bb creams. The good news is that there are a dizzying variety of the bb creams. The bad news is that the sheer number of them sort of scared me away. Where do I even begin?!?

Anyway, the stinking Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift EX gave me serious apprehensions about anything with the word collagen in it now. Thankfully, this HanSkin gel was odorless and colorless. I used a very generous amount each time, a good peanut-size glob, which was why the tiny jar lasted only a week. I warmed it with my fingers first before pressing it onto the skin.

The gel actually felt really nice going on, very crisp and refreshing, absorbing instantly without leaving any traces behind. This would be a really excellent daytime gel, especially if you have oily skin or live in a super humid environment. For my dry skin and even drier location, it's adequate for now since it's still quite warm, but I would guess it won't suffice comes the winter. Either way, a 50g jar goes for about $52, ouch, so I might wait for a good promotion first ^.^ 

So far, my impression of HanSkin as a brand is solid. I didn't like the Hyaluron Skin Lotion but everything else was great, especially the bb cream. I will probably end up picking a few trial sizes to try, if my eyes could stay focused with so many options. Stay tuned. 

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