Thursday, February 25, 2016

FANCL 35th Anniversary Styling Cheek Palette

Apparently there was a FANCL 35th Anniversary Collection released last spring, a collaboration with LA-based artist Sunny Gu. Among the items was a Styling Cheek Palette #53 Bloom Blush.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The last time I bought a Fancl blush was in 2012 before I left Japan, and it was a Cheek Color in Sweet Pink and Highlighter White Colors, both of which are now discontinued, replaced with bland-looking Styling Cheek Palette and Dual Highlight Palette.
***Screencaps from FANCL JP.

Thankfully, they've begun to release limited edition items again, although mostly in the form of pretty packaging featuring works from artists like Sunny Gu. I do wish they would do more LE color makeup like this blush, because it was these LE cheek colors that got me into the brand way back in 2008 to begin with!

Anyway, I'm so used to the tiny refills from the brand that this Styling Cheek Palette came as a big surprise, quite literally--it's about twice the size of the old blush, which sort of explains why it's way more expensive now, at 1,620JPY a piece for just the refill (versus 1,000JPY for the old Cheek Colors). The compact case will cost another 1,000JPY so I skipped it, especially since I don't care for the included brush nor do I need the mirror. So I just bought the refill from Rakuten JP.

Well, this new blush is slightly less soft and silky as the old ones, but it's more pigmented and shows up pretty well on my cheeks. I'd say the versatility is pretty cool also. Having 4 colors means I can pick or mix depending on my mood, as shown here in the below screencap. And did I mention it's gorgeous? Just too bad that the pretty flower print's sprayed on, so mine's already gone the few initial uses :(
***Screencap from Sunny Gu.

- #53 Bloom Blush: a quad of pink, pale beige, orange-coral, and very subtly shimmery champagne. The pink beige combo gives me a nice satiny pinky flush, and the orange-coral beige combo gives me a satiny peachy version. When I want more of a soft focus glow, I go for the pink champagne or orange-coral champagne instead. All four colors mix together for a pretty pinky peach (far left swatch) with a soft focus glow, a muted version of NARS Orgasm. 

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