Thursday, February 4, 2016

Yanagiya Anzu Oil

I first bought this Yanagiya Anzu (apricot) Oil back in 2012 before I left Japan, only to give it away upon getting home. So having finished up the copy-cat ABS Tsubaki Abura 100% Camellia Oil, I picked up another bottle along with Anzu Oil Hair Treatment Water (not sure if I'll ever to this hair water, since Oshima Tsubaki Hair Water will likely last me through to the next year).

Bottle bought in 2012.

Bottle bought in 2015.

Absolutely LOVE this oil! Granted it's lighter and not as rich as Oshima Tsubaki Oil, but it smells sooooooo nice, a mild scent of apricot that's all natural and not added. So far, I've only used it on my body because I already have the Tsubaki Oil Nouveau conditioner and Oshima tsubaki water for my hair, but I'm enjoying it quite a lot!

It's not perfect though. I'll be honest that because it's not as rich, it's not enough for my dry skin during the winter month, so I do have to layer on a second moisturizer. I have some to J. to try and she said the same thing, loving the scent but not thick enough for the winter (her skin is just as dry as mine). I do think it'll be great for the fall and spring though, so I'll definitely repurchase, and I'll stock up before I go home too! Give it a try if you can get a hold of it. I'll be curious to know if anyone's used it on the face, and whether they like it.

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