Thursday, August 11, 2016

Addiction 2016 Fall Limited Edition Swatches

Another part of my visit to Ginza Mitsukoshi was to spy on Addiction's 2016 Fall collection Modern Nostalgia.

There are six new colors for The Eyeshadow, all are limited editions and I swatched them all. 

Of the five new colors for Lipstick Pure, only three are limited edition, and of those three I only swatched the one I was most curious about. Can you guess which? ^.^
***Screencaps from Addiction by Ayako.

Top row: 100 North Sea (P), 101 Quiet (P), and 102 Volcano (P).
Bottom row: 103 Modern Nostalgia (P), 104 Hazy Night (P), 105 Dancer in the Dark (P), and Lipstick Pure 013 Modern Nostalgia. All pictures taken in indoor lighting without flash. Clickable means zoomable.

Let's start with The Eyeshadow. All six colors are in a category call "Hazy," according to the website. When I saw them at the store though, I realized that "hazy" means satin or softly shimmery. Even worse is that all of the colors turns muddy even on the back of my hands. Sadly, I'll pass on all of them :(

- 100 North Sea (P): satin, low intensity. Pale lavender-toned blue.
- 101 Quiet (P): satin, medium intensity. A peacock green that I wish was darker or metallic and it's neither :(
- 102 Volcano (P): satin, medium intensity. Mustard.

- 103 Modern Nostalgia (P): shimmer, medium intensity. Gunmetal slate. Pretty color, but again I wish it was sparklier or more metallic and it's neither.
- 104 Hazy Night (P): shimmer, medium intensity. An interesting olived gray that could have been much better had it more sparkles or at least a metallic finish. Yet again it's neither and turns muddy on me instead :( Not happy.
- 105 Dancer in the Dark (P): shimmer, medium intensity. A pretty spruce green that again falls just short of what I want. I'd much rather have the similar looking color in the Ready to Wear Palette 06 Es Paradis!

Lipstick Pure 013 Modern Nostalgia is a grapier and less violet version of 008 Tokyo Mon Amour, but still not quite blackberry. Actually, it looks strikingly similar to Lipstick Queen Bete Noire Possessed Intense.

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