Saturday, September 3, 2016

Senso-ji, Asakusa, Tokyo, Part III

In April my in-laws came for a quick visit, and we took them on a comprehensive Tokyo tour, which of course includes Senso-ji

Those huge round things are senbei! And yes, we briefly entertained the thought of getting pulled around the area on the rickshaw but in the end decided against it.

Given it was April, the place was super crowded. Actually, what am I talking about? Senso Ji is always super crowded regardless of time of the year.

Here's mum and dad visiting this past December.

And being a weekend with a festival going on didn't help the crowds at all, but mum and aunt-in-law had a great experience visiting a temple and snacking the afternoon away. The added bonus was the yukata sightings.

My favorite shop along Nakamise-dori has got to be this geta shop, though I don't know the shop name and I should.

The one-toothed tengu-geta and the "three-legged" koma-geta that oirans wear.

Of course we had to get our fortunes!

Yeah, those straw sandals are about 1,000 sizes too big.

More repetitive photos :P

More yukata sightings and snacking. We had takoyaki, yakisoba, and fried chicken, the quintessential festival snacks.

Bought some handmade crafts too!

Here's one of the shotengais in the area behind the temple, though we didn't go in too far.

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