Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick EX-01 and EX-02 Swatches

While I was out in Ginza swatching Lunasol Feathery Smoky Eyes, I also stopped by the Suqqu counter to swatch the Extra Glow Lipsticks in EX-01 蜜苺 (Mitsuichigo) and EX-02 蜜柿 (Mitsugaki). Why only these two? Because from past experience, the LE's are the more interesting ones.

***Screencaps from Suqqu JP.

Well, I was terribly wrong with this one and should have swatched the regular lineup instead. See for yourself! I was so incredulous I cursed (in my head) as I swatched, and I swatched heavily, rubbing the lipsticks back and forth on the back of my hand. By Extra Glow Lipstick, did they mean Extra No Lipstick for these two LE colors? I have lip balms that have more color than these $40 lipsticks. WTF?!

EX-01 蜜苺 (Mitsuichigo) and EX-02 蜜柿 (Mitsugaki). Picture taken in indoor lighting without flash.

So no Suqqu LE lippies for me, folks. I'll probably come back another time and swatch the rest of the lineup, but even then I'm not sure I'd pay $40 for a lipstick. Just my humble opinion but quality plateaus after a certain price point, and $40 is past my quality-price point.

See swatches for the rest of the line here and here, with photo credit goes to some reason I can only find the images themselves and not the actual page. Here's another review and more swatches for 01 胡桃紅 (Kurumibeni), 06 紅茜 (Beniakane), and 09 宵果実 (Yoikajitsu). Enjoy!


Citrine said...

Oh, I have worn the coffret dor premium stay rouge for a few times already and the suqqu creamy glow moist is actually really similar. That means I won't cave in on those for a while. I think there are $35+ that are diffrent enough to worth it but most suqqu newer releases aren't in that group...

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Aren't those Coffret D'Or lippies great? I love them!

I've only strayed once for a $40 lipstick with Lipstick Queen Bete Noire Possessed Sheer, and I don't intend to repeat. As much I as love Bete Noire's formula, it doesn't feel significantly better than my other loves (the Saints are another example). So my humble opinion is that the plateau in price point-quality is actually below $40, somewhere in the $25-35 range, and anything above $35 goes into packaging, marketing, and branding rather than the product itself.


Karen said...

Welcome back to the US! Right now the yen is strong but the pound is weak compared to the dollar. So those Suqqu lipsticks that cost $50-$60 to get from Japan, are more like $30-$35 from England. (That's with vat tax taken off and then shipping folded into each item, plus I had an administrative fee but I don't know if that was just for that UK exclusive Christmas set or if they always charge that.)

You can't find a page for those fudejapan pics because they were Instagram posts. Now that you're in the US, if you want to order stuff from Japan, I find fudejapan to be exceptional.

If you do end up ordering from Selfridges, just a few notes.... 1) they have a lot more stuff than they have on their website, so it's worth taking a minute to email them. 2) they have a shipping subscription called Selfridges+ that you can sign up for when you're checking out online. You pay a certain amount and then get free shipping for a year but I haven't found all the details yet. 3) their email addy is

Are you back in San Francisco? I started reading your blog because of some Addiction swatches and then was shocked to find that we used to shop at the same grocery store. Before I moved across the bay to Oakland 4 years ago, I lived in the Inner Richmond and loved New May Wah. Perhaps we squeeeeeezed past each other on the produce aisle. 😄

D. said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much! Feels good to be home for sure, and OMG you're so right about the GBP vs. USD! Very tempted right now. Thanks for the email addy and all the great info too. Will definitely email them to see what else they have that are not online.

I'd love to go back to SF but shudders at the thought of the rent (I'm back in my hometown Boulder at the moment). Inner Richmond brings back so many good memories though ^.^ We very well might have brushed shoulders at the New May Wah, or even walking up and down that street! Hubby might take some business trips to SF in the future, so I'm looking forward to seeing the city again for sure.


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