Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge Part V

Finally got to my additions of Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge from this past spring. Out of the 8 colors released (with names!), I got PK-299 Orchid Pink and PK-300 Clear Pink, both in the regular lineup, and PK-304 Blossom Pink and PK-305 Berry Pink, both limited editions and are scented.

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The LE's are in metallic pale pink tubes.

I've been enjoying the packaging differences between the 2014 LE, far left with a deeper pink top cap and band, versus the 2015 Party Coffret in metallic pink, versus the regular line-up, versus these 2016 spring LE in metallic pale pink. I'll take another comparison photo when I get to this fall's LE colors, which come in champagne tubes with brown top cap and band.

I have to say I was a bit taken aback. The colors are so different in natural versus indoor lighting it's as if they did a bait-n-switch on me! The natural light mutes all the colors by an order of magnitude, especially PK-300, PK-304, and PK-305. Actually, PK-304 becomes an entirely different color all together! What?!?

How did this (indoor lighting)...

...become this (natural lighting)?
From left to right: PK-299 Orchid Pink, PK-300 Clear Pink, PK-304 Blossom Pink, and PK-305 Berry Pink.

- PK-299 Orchid Pink: this was a warm pink-coral in indoor lighting but the natural light did away with any pink and it's left with just coral. This leads to comparisons of Maquillage Moist Melting Rouge RD351 and PK433, the previous PK-289 and RD-215, and Rouge Essence RD-198.

MMR RD351 and PK433 vs. PSR PK-289, PK-299, and RD-215 vs. RE RD-198. And, erhhh, incompetent me accidentally permanently deleted the swatches for this so I'll have to retake. Check back later. Sorry!

- PK-300 Clear Pink: in natural lighting, the rose is nowhere to be seen and what's left is a tawny red. If you're wondering why I was comparing this to RS-333 and Rouge Essence (RE) RD-282, it was because I was expecting the rose in this PK-300 that's no longer there!

RE RD-204 vs. PSR PK-300, and RS-333 vs. RE RS-282.

- PK-304 Blossom Pink: the biggest shocker of all--this becomes a blue-based bubblegum pink in natural light! What's worse is that it's milky :( Boo. Hiss. I did wear it a couple of times and it wasn't a total disaster, but still this definitely isn't my first choice of color (or second, or third...) so I might pass it on after all.

PK-290 vs. PK-292 vs. this PK-304, with PK-304 being significantly cooler than the first two.

- PK-305 Berry Pink: thank goodness this translucent blue-toned red didn't change much other than being muted. Of course this is my favorite out of all four, though I do wish it's as bright as it'd swatched indoor ^.^"

More comparisons of MMR RD454 and RD425, vs. PSR RD-216, RD-214, and this PK-304, vs. Lunasol Full Glamour Lips 02 Cherry Red.

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