Thursday, April 7, 2016

Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence Part III

Back in January, I'd mentioned I'd tracked down 2 of the lippies Kate the Driveller had declared jellies. One was Lunasol Full Glamour Lips in 02 Cherry Red, and the other is this Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence in RD-198. Lunasol was super easy to get--the color is still available. This RD-198 was much harder to get a hold of as it was discontinued as of 2012.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Yup, this color is jelly, alright, having swatched almost identical to its younger sister jellies in the Premium Stay Rouge line. On my lips though, it's not as moisturizing, though I've noted this with previous Rouge Essence colors I bought.

- RD-198: a bright orangey coral that turns more coral-pink on me. It even swatched coral-pink. There are very fine micro-shimmers that leaves a subtle gold sheen, which is what causes the orangey appearance in the tube I suspect. Otherwise this color is buildable and I love it!

Here's a comparison of Rouge Essence RD-198 versus Premium Stay Rouge PK-289 and RD-215 versus Maquillage Moist Melting Rouge PK433. See how RD-198 appears much more orange in the tube than the others, and yet it swatched only slightly peachier than PK-289?

Here's a sneak peek of 8 new colors released in the Premium Stay Rouge line as of April 1. Four of these colors are limited edition and are scented. You bet I indulged, picking up PK-299 and PK-300 from the permanent lineup and PK-304 and PK-305 from the limited edition. Will review later.
***Screencap from Coffret D'Or JP.

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