Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Suqqu 2016 Summer Eye & Cheek Color Compact Swatches

While I was swatching Lunasol 2016 Summer Clear Colorful Eyes, I stopped by the Suqqu counter also, you know, to see the new 2016 Summer Eye & Cheek Color Compact ^.^" It was quite dangerous given the fact that I'm proned to, well, buying stuff. Fortunately, this collection bores me out of my mind, and swatching them only confirms my decision to pass.

They are releasing 2 compacts, EX-01 立夏輝 (Rikkakou) and EX-02 夏夕暇 (Natsuyuuka), half with 2 eye colors and the other half with a cheek and highlighter. And let's just say I was so indifferent I just skipped swatching the cheek side altogether.

All pictures taken in indoor lighting without flash.

Of the 2 eye colors, one is a sparkly lid shade that could double for a top wash if dusted on with a light hand. This means it's much less pigmented than other Suqqu lid shades, especially the pink in EX-01. The deep shade is meant to be blended with the light one to get a medium/crease, or of course use it alone to line.

The problem is that the texture of the eye shadows didn't help my impression of the collection--it made it worse! The lighter color is gritty, and the deep color isn't up to Suqqu's buttery smooth standard. Not sure what's going on here, but I'm glad to be saving my money for something better later in the year (I hope, I pray...).

- EX-01 立夏輝 (Rikkakou): combination of cool pink and blackened taupe with bronzy shimmers. Too bad the shimmers turn out to be quite flat and one-dimensional. The swatch photos are blurry precisely to show how sad and bland the shimmers are. It almost feels like Suqqu has thrown in the towel :(

- EX-02 夏夕暇 (Natsuyuuka): combination of semi-metallic beige and and deep spruce. I like both of these colors but I'm not too thrilled with the beige's gritty feel. And I definitely don't care for the cheek colors at all, which means I'll be shelling out 7,000JPY for just 2 eye colors, one of which I'm ho-hum about. Nope. Pass.

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