Monday, April 18, 2016

Aqualabel Aging Care Royal Rich Essence

While using Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum for daytime, I started on this 30mL pump bottle of Aqualabel Aging Care Royal Rich Essence for nights. I bought it together with the All-in-One Whitening Jelly Essence 200mL, because I'm super curious with the jelly texture even though I don't really care for the whitening. I'll post all about this item when I get to it.

I really appreciate this Royal Rich Essence being in a glass pump bottle. I was actually kind of nervous to try this because in the past, my skin had broken out every time I tried anything with royal jelly. But crazy me keep trying and luckily this one works out. Phew ^.^"

This particular one is very mildly scented with the same scent as all other Aqualabel products. It's viscous and quite rich as advertised, so I only need one pump for the face and neck. This bottle will last me a long time since I only use it at night. The essence goes on slightly sticky and takes several minutes to absorb. But once it absorbs it's fine and the stickiness goes away. It's been keeping my face nice and soft so I do like it, but not enough to repurchase.

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