Thursday, May 10, 2018

DHC Mild Body Shampoo

Been using this DHC Mild Body Shampoo for a month now. I'd bought a 600mL/20.2fl. oz. pump bottle with a 540mL/18.2fl. oz. refill when DHC had a sale.

This stuff is thin and runny, almost watery. "Mild" as it claims to be it foams like crazy and can be drying, so I only use a little bit at a time. That said, all these characteristics are typical of a Japanese body wash, so I didn't expect it to be any different. It has a feminine but "aged" scent, like grandma, so wouldn't call it floral at all. Thankfully, the scent isn't strong and doesn't last at all. I'll finish using what I bought but I definitely won't repurchase. Too drying for my skin, especially in this already dry climate.

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