Friday, May 25, 2018

Suqqu 2017 Christmas Makeup Kit

Over the 2017 holidays season, Suqqu released two Christmas Makeup Kits in PG Pink Gold and WG White Gold, each with an eye shadow palette, loose powder blush, and lipstick in a tiny, round compact, all limited edition colors. I went with just the PG Pink Gold, because the only thing I liked in the WG White Gold kit was the lipstick, and that didn't justify getting the whole kit.  

The PG Pink Gold kit came with Designing Color Eyes 111 光雪華 (Kousetsuka), Powder Loose Blush 101 雪葡萄 (Yukibudou), and Moisture Rich Lipstick 104 牡丹染 (Botanzome).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Let's start with the eye palette. It had a pearly white compact with gold accent, just like the UK holiday exclusives. Actually, I got it the other way around, because these Japan Christmas Makeup Kits were released before the UK ones, which means this post is out of order too because I didn't get to it until now, late as always =.=

- Designing Color Eyes 111 光雪華 (Kousetsuka): the medium rose and the golden pink-beige were what drew me in for this palette. I was less excited about the white and the suede brown, and the fact that there are two medium/crease shades but not a deep one to line with. But that ok, I have plenty of eye pencils for that purpose.

Clockwise from top left:
- Highlighter: shimmer, high intensity. A really pigmented soft white.
- Lid: shimmer, medium intensity. A pink-beige with subtle gold shimmers and a wet sheen, interesting and lovely shade.
- Medium/crease: satin, medium intensity. A suede brown with some translucency to it, which means it's nowhere near dark enough to line with.  I just smudge onto my lower lash line for a natural daytime look.
- Medium/crease: shimmer, high intensity. A pretty medium rose, again with subtle gold shimmers.

- Powder Loose Blush 101 雪葡萄 (Yukibudou): a glowy pink with subtle gold shimmers. To be honest, I rarely bother with loose powder blush. I think loose-powder is just so impractical I quit those gorgeous eye pigments long ago and will only put up with sunscreen powders now. Even then, it's only out of necessity. For some reason, I found the loose version works better for me than the pressed counterpart when it comes to sunscreen powders. Which is to say I don't really care for this blush. The color is pretty for sure,  but I haven't reached for it at all :( If it were cream instead, this kit would have been perfect, but of course I can't have my cake and eat it too.

- Moisture Rich Lipstick 104 牡丹染 (Botanzome): translucent, shimmer-free, and cool-toned medium pink. Looks almost hot pink in the pan but swatched more demure. It's a pretty lip color and I do like it a lot, but there's also very little of it, 0.04oz./1.2g versus 0.12oz./3.7g full size bullet.

Left photo: Moisture Rich Lipstick 104 牡丹染 (Botanzome) and Powder Loose Blush 101 雪葡萄 (Yukibudou).
Right photo: Moisture Rich Lipstick 104 牡丹染 (Botanzome), Powder Loose Blush 101 雪葡萄 (Yukibudou), and Designing Color Eyes 111 光雪華 (Kousetsuka).

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kuri said...

I agree, loose powders are too fussy. Pretty, but fussy.

D. said...

Hi Claire,

Yeah, pretty much the only loose powder I bring with me nowadays is sunscreen powder, by necessity. Otherwise, I don't even bother with them anymore.


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