Friday, April 20, 2018

Suqqu Designing Color Eyes Part III

Last holidays season, Suqqu released a UK-exclusive collection that included three LE Extra Glow Lipsticks and three Designing Color Eyes. Despite one of the three palettes being neutral earth-toned, to my own surprise I found myself drawn to one I never thought I would find attractive: 109 祝紅灯 (Iwaiakari) Fuchsia & Aubergine.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I like the LE pearl-white-on-gold packaging a little better than the black-on-gold, only because the white takes some of the attention from the gold, whereas the black emphasizes it. While I love gold sparkling eye shadows, I prefer my cosmetics packaging to be anything but shiny gold.

- 109 祝紅灯 (Iwaiakari) Fuchsia & Aubergine: So, the hot pink. Yes, it's hot pink and not fuchsia, because there isn't enough blue for it to turn fuchsia. Funny enough, I thought the hot pink goes really well with the palette as a whole, and it's actually the peach that ties them all together. The apple of my eyes is that deep eggplant purple, but I'll take the peach and the hot pink too ^.^

Clockwise from top left:
- Medium/crease: shimmer, high intensity. A softly shimmery hot pink that's surprisingly wearable. Of course, because it's hot pink so I blend and sheer it out, but I'd imagine it's a great accent color too.
- Lid: semi-metallic, medium intensity. Pretty peach.
- Dark/liner: shimmer, high intensity. A gorgeous deep eggplant with violet and fuchsia shimmers. 
- Highlighter: satin, medium intensity. A nude-beige with shimmers so fine and subtle the color appears matte. This shade pleasantly surprised me. I thought it was matte too until I swatched it and saw the shimmers.

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Citrine said...

Oh I actually kind of like the compact! I thought I wouldnt be interested in suqqu after packaging revamp but this year I am liking the spring and summer (not UK LE) collections...they are exactly what I want Lunasol to be like...

...Anyway, I want to see the review for the lipsticks.

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Yeah, I think Suqqu did a good job with the spring and summer collections this year. I'm particularly keen on getting that summer Himawari palette with the bright yellow.

As for the lipsticks, they're only releasing two lip glosses this summer and no new lipsticks. And I'm going to skip the two Extra Glow UK exclusives because they're semi-matte and pigmented.


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