Friday, April 20, 2018

Suqqu Moisture Rich Lipstick Part III

Last November, before going to bed I was using the last few minutes of the day to surf the web. Then I got bored and hopped over to Selfridges UK and checked out their Suqqu product page. Lo and behold, there were two new limited edition items I hadn't seen or heard of before: a Moisture Rich Lipstick 103 煌陽 (Kouyou) Fresh Coral and a Designing Color Eyes 108 曉空 (Akatsukizora) Coral x Purple (will review next).

Normally, I would try to research those items and find out what I'm looking at before clicking buy, but they both were so pretty even in stock photos. Knowing it was Suqqu via Selfridges UK, I clicked buy while holding my breath. Good thing I did, because they sold out pretty quickly afterwards!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The next day I looked up the lipstick and eyeshadows. No bloggers had mentioned either of them, and there wasn't even a sneak peek on Instagram! It was all very baffling. Surely that gorgeous palette would have generated at least some buzz online somewhere. I think Selfridges UK wouldn't have surprised their patrons and just dropped some LE's out of the blue.

Sure enough, they wouldn't! From Suqqu UK's official Instagram account, I learned someone goofed and listed those LE items online a whole month before their official release at the store. I couldn't believe my luck. You see, I'd stumbled upon the Umeda Hankyu exclusives! O.O Even weirder was that as I started writing this post the other night, for the hell of it I took a peek at Selfridges UK online again and there they both were, in low stock but still available! Whaaa? No, I didn't buy more of them. I've never hit pan with any eyeshadow and so never cared to buy any backup.

- 103 煌陽 (Kouyou) Fresh Coral: a beautiful, shimmer-free pinky coral. It's one of those color that's so wearable and flattering, you just can't go wrong with it. So glad I bought it!

Here are 02 花紅 (Hanakurenai) Lotus Pink, 03 陽紅 (Hibeni) Coral Peach, 07 琵琶艶 (Biwatsuya) Sunset Orange, and 103 煌陽 (Kouyou) Fresh Coral.


Citrine said...

I cant wait to try mine (still waiting for perfect backdrop before dipping in) but I took a close look of the tube and decided I don't want to deal with this packaging again...oy

D. said...

Hey Mina,

I know. Just looking at that packaging hurts me. How they went from that sleek and slim tube to this, I just can't even...

But the formula is heavenly, and I'm curious to hear your opinions on it!


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