Thursday, March 15, 2018

Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick Part VI

Update Thursday, March 15, 2018.

Had a moment the other day when it was well-lit and sunny outside, so I went back to take some comparison photos for the below new additions of Suqqu Extra Glow Lipsticks.

Here are 03 粋桃 (Suitou) Aquatic Pink, 04 彩珊瑚 (Ayasango) Bright Coral, 05 冴杏 (Saeanzu) Orange Red, 12 百合橙 (Yuridaidai) Sunny Orange, 103 艶赤 (Tsuyaaka) Juicy Coral, and 105 浜橙 (Hamadaidai) Orange. It's clear 03 and 04 both lean too red so I took them out and zoomed in to the latter four colors.

There, much better with just 05 冴杏 (Saeanzu) Orange Red, 12 百合橙 (Yuridaidai) Sunny Orange, 103 艶赤 (Tsuyaaka) Juicy Coral, and 105 浜橙 (Hamadaidai) Orange.

Here are 09 宵果実 (Yoikajitsu) Deep Midnight Berry, 104 艶柘榴 (Tsuyazakuro) Pink, 106 紅優莉 (Benisuguri) Deep Raspberry, and 107 宵葡萄 (Yoibudou) Deep Burgundy. Looks like 106 has the most red and 107 is the most purple.

Original post Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Over the holidays, Suqqu released a UK exclusive Christmas collection with three LE Designing Color Eyes and three Extra Glow Lipsticks. Of the three eye palettes only one caught my eyes--guess which! ^.^ Whereas with the lipsticks I was initially lemming all three but ended up going with two.

Below I have 103 艶赤 (Tsuyaaka) Juicy Coral (I think this is the English name, please correct me if I'm wrong), the Shinjuku Isetan exclusive along with an eye palette that I skipped (see below), and 106 紅優莉 (Benisuguri) Deep Raspberry Red and 107 宵葡萄 (Yoibudou) Deep Burgundy from the above mentioned UK exclusive collection. Given that they're UK exclusives, I expect them to be pigmented than the permanent lineup, which makes it even more unlikely that I'll reach for a pigmented brown-beige color, so I decided to pass on 108 甘薔薇 (Amasoubi).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Here's the Shinjuku Isetan exclusive Designing Color Eyes 102 優藤色 (Yuufujiiro) I skipped. Looks pretty, right? Only I doubt any of those colors will show up on me with the exception of the brown. That lipstick though...
***Photo from Suqqu UK Instagram.

What I particular love about the Extra Glows is that the entire line is shimmer-free. The limited editions may vary in pigmentation (the Japan ones are very sheer, versus the UK-exclusive ones are very pigmented) but so far none has violated this no-shimmer rule yet, and I hope none ever will. 

- 103 艶赤 (Tsuyaaka) Juicy Coral: translucent apricot. While I like this color, it's all barks and no bites. It appears reddish in the promo pictures and coral in the tube but swatches and applies straight up apricot, not even peach. So don't trust the promo pics and expect a red or coral or you'll be disappointed.

- 106 紅優莉 (Benisuguri) Deep Raspberry Red: raspberry and is pigmented as expected.

- 107 宵葡萄 (Yoibudou) Deep Burgundy: burgundy wine and I love it!

Left to right: 103 艶赤 (Tsuyaaka), 106 紅優莉 (Benisuguri) Deep Raspberry, and 107 宵葡萄 (Yoibudou) Deep Burgundy.

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Anonymous said...

All the oranges are currently in my wishlist! <3
I'm going to Tokyo soon, do you have any advise on where to get them?

D. said...

Hi amadl,

I don't know where you'll be in Tokyo, but the Shinjuku Isetan and Ginza Mitsukoshi were the two places where I used to frequent for my Suqqu, Lunasol, and Addiction lemmings :)

Enjoy your trip!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Shinjuku and Ginza are definitely in my list ;)

Caty said...

For what it's worth you definetly did not miss out by skipping Yuufujiiro. The colors barely showed up on me and I'm about an NC 10! I gave it to my sister and she had problems with it being too soft on her as well. It just isn't a very good palette IMO.

D. said...

Hi Caty!

Thank you for vindicating me! This whole time I was wondering whether I'd missed out on a pretty palette. I'm fair-medium so it's definitely will be a palette of highlighters for me, with may be a lid shade for that pretty lavender. Oh well, I'll save money for future prettier palettes ^.^


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