Saturday, February 10, 2018

Suqqu Designing Color Eyes

So I finally got around to the new Suqqu Designing Color Eyes that were released spring of 2017. These generated some buzz starting in the fall of 2016 because they were a new formula that was to replace the long-standing and popular Blend Color Eyeshadows, which were discontinued as of January 2017 (and going for cut-throat prices on E(vil)bay).

Anyway, the Designing Color Eyes started with 5 permanent quads and 1 LE, and now they're up to 9 permanent quads and 14 LE, including UK exclusives. Here are palettes 04 絢撫子 (Ayanadeshiko) Mauve Pink & Deep Bordeaux and 05 蒼雫 (Aoshizuku) Cool Navy & Icy Brown I've been eyeing for the longest time before they finally came into stock at Selfridges UK online last summer. 

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Despite the buzz, of course not everyone was on board with these new Designing Color Eyes, and not just because some were diehard fans of the Blend Colors. Turns out the new Designing Colors came with some great and some not so great changes. My humble opinion of the not-so-great change is the packaging. The new compact is slightly larger and thicker than the old one, but that's not the problem.

Old versus new packaging.

The problem is the gold. Yeah, the bling. I think it's tacky. While I sure don't miss the faux suede dust sleeve (more like dust magnet), I much prefer the old black compact because it looks much classier.

The next change is more debatable, at least with me. Most people preferred the Blend Colors for the variety of textures and finishes that makes a palette interesting and unique. I totally get that. I still like these Designing Colors though, precisely because the colors are mostly shimmery and with some metallics. Note I didn't say I prefer one over the other, I don't. I like them both. But other than the lacking of different textures and finishes, the new formula is fantastic. It's buttery smooth and is quite pigmented as you can see, and with zero fallouts.

- 04 絢撫子 (Ayanadeshiko) Mauve Pink & Deep Bordeaux: of the initial 5 palettes, I was first drawn to this palette because of its feminine combination. That said, I'd like to challenge the "mauve pink and deep bordeaux" part. These colors implied a cooler tone palette when it has neither of those colors and it looks warmer to me. Thankfully, it's not too warm as to turn red on me, and I still think it's gorgeous.

Clockwise from top left:
- Highlighter: semi-metallic, medium intensity. A pink oyster.
- Lid: metallic, medium intensity. A pink-tinted beige with slight translucency.
- Dark/liner: shimmer, high intensity. A burgundy with scattered gold shimmers. This color is so not bordeaux, a red wine, because there's no wine in it. 
- Medium: metallic, high intensity. Metallic rose gold. I don't see any mauve in this, do you?

- 05 蒼雫 (Aoshizuku) Cool Navy & Icy Brown: I was drawn to this combo for the navy, but funny enough it turns out *not* to be navy. I mean, it's more purple than navy, and I like it even more so than I would have the navy ^.^

Clockwise from top left:
- Highlighter: semi-metallic, medium intensity. An opaque soft white that I fear might be too frosty for me.
- Lid: metallic, medium intensity. Neutral gold and I love it.
- Dark/liner: shimmer, high intensity. A deep neutral brown with a lovely gold sheen. 
- Medium: shimmer, high intensity. Technically another dark/liner color. A deep purplish blue.


Citrine said...

I guessed it might be some contract with that architect (who designed their old packaging) maybe he was paid royalty...

I just think nobody in his/her right mind would prefer the tacky gold packaging over the previous one (which looked more expensive to manufacture as well)...Anyway, I liked Benimiyabi and Hikaritouka in the line up, not 65-buck kind of like them though.

D. said...

Hey Mina,

You know what, the Extra Glow Lipsticks also have the same black and gold packaging, may be this whole tackiness started much earlier than we thought. Hmm...


kuri said...

The pigmentation looks great! I like the second one, but I am iffy on the white.

D. said...

Hi Claire,

Yeah, I'm iffy on the white too. In fact, I kind of avoid it LOL That's the tough part about buying palettes, because normally I'd stay away from single shadows that are shades of white.


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