Saturday, June 9, 2018

Suppin Essentials Essence Lotion

Started using this 30mL of Suppin Essentials Essence Lotion from the Suppin Essentials Trial Set I got a while back. From the same purchase, I also got a 150mL full size bottle, which I'm saving to use after I'm done with Jurlique Activating Water Essence (will be a while...).

I'm using this essence lotion as part of my daytime routine. This goes on first, then Komenuka Bijin Medicated Beauty Whitenting Essence (will review next), then day cream. 

Anyway, billed as an essence lotion but this stuff looks and feels like water. It goes on pretty light too, just like any good ol' toner, prepping my skin for the next layers. Being sake-based, it definitely smells like sake though. The first few mornings of use I had to remind myself it's not sake I just splashed on my face ^.^" It'll be even more interesting once I started using this on my neck and chest also after the night shower. I wonder if hubby will notice me coming to bed smelling like nomihodai haha


Julia said...

I'd worry about people outside my home more than any husbands :D
But thanks for introducing me to this!

D. said...

Hi Julia,

I'm a shower-before-bed kind of gal and most likely wouldn't leave the house after showering, so it's just the husband for me LOL


Unknown said...

I'd like to try this but can't find it anywhere. Any recommendations?

D. said...

Hi unknown,

I just tried to look myself and couldn't find it either :( I got mine through Rakuten Japan via a forwarding service because it wasn't available through Rakuten Global (Rakuten market sellers who are willing to ship internationally). Perhaps you might want to give a forwarding service a try also?

Sorry I'm not of much help here.


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