Saturday, July 21, 2018

Biotherm Lait de Gommage Gentle Exfoliating Milk

Got a pair of 75mL/2.53fl. oz. deluxe travel sizes of this Biotherm Lait de Gommage Gentle Exfoliating Milk and Lait de Douche Cleansing Shower Milk (will review next) and promptly forgot about them for a few years ^.^"And then of course, hubby and I moved home and I "found" them again.

Warning: rant post ahead!

Anyway, one look at the list of ingredients and I remembered why I "forgot" about them: polyethylene. Yes, plastic beads. Urgh. I hate that sh*t. I've stopped buying any exfoliators with polyethylene for years. I hate them so much no generous promotions could tempt me. Forget it.

Which is to say this is a "protest post" and not a review post, because I didn't use this exfoliating milk. I pondered what I should do with it. Use it to scrub the sink or the bath tub? But then it'd go down the drain and those evil plastic beads will make their way out to the ocean. Apparently they've found these beads in remote lakes and rivers now too! Urgh.

In the end, I emptied the tube into the trash and recycled the tube. Yes, these plastic beads will now sit in some landfill and will be in the soil. It drives me crazy, but I feel this is the "lesser evil," better in the soil than in the ocean, though I'm sure someone else will disagree. Any ideas for better ways to get rid of these plastic beads?

The thought of these beads makes me so angry! Of all the things they could use, like rice bran powder, apricot seed powder, etc., they had to pick plastic beads. Because it's cheap. Cheap for the business, expensive for the consumers and the environment. No. Just no.

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