Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow Part V

I never thought I'd see another Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow. Last year though, somehow I got super lucky and stumbled upon fantastic deals for palette 19 淡藤透 (Awafujisukashi) on Rakuten JP and EX-29 光絹織 (Koukiori) on e(vil)bay.

I didn't really care for #19 but it was 1,000yen below retail and I had points to deduct further and couldn't resist. And when I swatched EX-29 in person, I loved the split pan but hated that the rest were pretty much non-color. But again it was listed on Ebay at less than Japanese retail and brand new so I couldn't pass up. Now if only I were just as lucky and find that Bright Up Lipstick EX-02 :P

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- 19 淡藤透 (Awafujisukashi): I started out not caring much for this palette but I ended up liking it way more than EX-29 below. It sure didn't look it from the pans, but there's a metallic (the burnt sand) and 3/4 colors are duo-chrome and create interesting and complex mixes when blended together. I suppose this is what Suqqu eye shadows are famous for, but wow, I totally didn't expect #19 to blow me away like it did.

Clockwise from top left:
- Highlighter: pearl, high intensity. A pearly soft white with a pink-violet sheen. Very pigmented as you can see.
- Medium crease: shimmer, medium intensity. A translucent periwinkle with a subtle violet sheen.
- Lid: metallic, high intensity. A pigmented metallic burnt sand.
- Dark/liner: shimmer, medium intensity. Semi-translucent blackened taupe brown with a prominent turquoise sheen and pink shimmers. I think this is the most interesting color in the palette. The prominent turquoise sheen paired with pink shimmers turn this color purple from different angles, so it can appear taupe or purple depends on how you look. Its semi-translucency makes it easier to mix with other colors. Gorgeous.

Close ups to show the duo-chrome sheens.

- EX-29 光絹織 (Koukiori): with #19 above stealing the show, this palette only has the split-pan to fall back on. The rest are totally washed out when seen in person and in natural light, and the only pan that stays true to the indoor swatches is the split-pan. While I'm happy to have the palette, I have to say that the two pans on the right are pathetic by Suqqu's standard. They're super sheer, and they look and feel chalky.

Clockwise from top left:
- Lid/top wash: shimmer, low intensity. Translucent silvered white. When I swatched it in indoor lighting, it appeared a true silver, and with pink and green shimmers to boot! It was  much more pigmented and with a metallic finish. However, in person and in natural light it was more like a silvery white. The metallic finish isn't there and it's nowhere as pigmented. What's going on here?
- Highlighter/lid: shimmer, very sheer. Translucent powder pink.
- Highlighter/lid: shimmer, very sheer. Translucent pale marzipan.
- Medium crease: semi-metallic, high intensity. Taupe with pink and baby blue micro-shimmers that create an interesting finish.
- Liner: shimmer, high intensity. A beautiful deep denim blue with royal blue shimmers.

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Citrine said...

I didn't know awafujisukashi is duochrome (on weibo people just call it 淡/蛋疼透 aka "sheer AF"I assumed it was a dud)or I would have gotten one when ebay had coupon code. I will check if it's still up there when another promotion hits...meanwhile himawari is nowhere to be found.

D. said...

Hey Mina,

I didn't know #19 is duochrome either until I swatched it! By all accounts it appeared meh to me and I just got lucky that it turned out surprisingly pretty in person. I think I last saw one on Ebay for $72. Hope it's still there for you!


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