Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Revlon! ...I've gone mad...

No, no, I haven't gone mad for Revlon. I've gone mad because I actually bought some Revlon!

I mean, what was I thinking? Revlon is utter crap! Hubby's mum was once loyal to this Revlon lipstick she'd worn for some 20+ years. And then when I started dating her son, I gave her a Lancome Le Rouge Absolu and she's never looked back since. And here I am buying Revlon. Shoot me. Now.

I first spotted these from a magazine. I don't remember if it was Allure or Elle, probably Allure. And then I saw several ads for them from some other magazine spreads. Blame the marketing, but I went out and bought a few, out of curiosity or whatnot. I guess sometimes stuff disappoint you in 3D, but these actually don't look so bad. I haven't tried any of them yet, so we'll have to see how they fare quality-wise later. For now, they're pretty to look at.

I got Golden Affair Sculpting Blush in 2 out of 4 shades available. And even though they're "limited edition," they're available still online even though they were out more than 2 years ago. They feel okay, not too silky but not rough to the touch either.
- Rose Rapture: A nudish tawny color and pigmented I'd say. The gold is sprayed on though. It would have been nice if it was actually embedded, but it's also Revlon, of course.

- Berry Daring: I don't what got over me when I bought this shade. It's a pretty deep berry color but it might be too harsh on me. And it's very pigmented too, so we'll see...Who knows, it might work out. If not... 9.9

I also got all 4 shades of the Floral Affair Sheer Powder Blush. The reviews say these are very sheer, but I think they're just right, not too sheer, not too pigmented like the Golden Affair Sculpting Blush. I like how these look in the pan. Very pretty. And I could also use them on my eyes :D Oh, and these are much softer than the Golden Affair blushes too.

- Peachy Keen: A bronzy peach with gold shimmers.

- Hushed Blush: I like this one the best because I can use the lightest shade as a highlighter too and it doesn't seem to be too pigmented.

- Honey Bunch: probably the most pigmented one out of the lot.

- Pinking of You: As you can see, this one is actually matte! And I usually don't like matte blushes, but it looks interesting and the pink is really bright and fresh. I'll have to try it out and see...

I also got 1 Make a Sheen Lustrous Shadow in Olive it Up. The other palettes didn't interest me at all but this one has the most beautiful olive and gold, both of which I love. Again, they feel average, not the most satiny eye shadow you've tried, but not crap either. Gotta see how they perform though, especially on my oily lids.


(g)ezebel said...

well, they ARE pretty... :0P

i'm a sucker for cute packaging, too.

D. said...

Hi Gezebel!

Aren't they?

You know what else I like about them - that they come in clear cases! They don't really close very well, but at least they're clean looking :D

Fabuless Beauty said...

I stumbled on your blog through another blog...but I've never tried Revlon blushes. They do look pretty though. How's the staying power?

D. said...

Hi fabu-less beauty!

Thank you for stopping by!

The staying power for the Golden Affair blushes is good, probably because they are much more pigmented than the Floral Affair blushes. But then I haven't put them to the test extensively enough, so I'll review them again later :D

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