Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happie Nuts September 2010

Where on Earth would you find a magazine called Happie Nuts? Japan, duh! This is a backissue for September 2010, and yes I bought it for the Ravijour white polka dots eco bag and pouch.

According to this website, Happie Nuts caters to the "sexy oneesan who outgrew the kawaii look." Hmm...I don't know if the magazine achieved target audience, but judging from just this one issue it seems "sexy oneesan" means lingerie-model-wannabes.

Perhaps the image of this "sexy oneesan" changes with every issues, but this page looks like it came right out of a Victoria's Secret catalogue! And they're just showing off the freebie eco bag and pouch!

The freebie eco bag and pouch turn out to be pretty generic, but I like them nonetheless. The eco bag is made of polyester, measuring 32(height) x 26(width) cm. The pouch is plastic, measuring 12(height) x 17.5(width) cm.

The eco bag is unlined, has no pockets or closures, and the inside seams are not covered.

However, it is well made with even stitches.

The pouch is plastic with zipper closure at top that actually closes completely!

The polka dots side is clear!

Below are a couple of pages of street fashion. you think Happie Nuts was misspelled and they actually meant Hippie Nuts?

Ahh...much better.

Some pages with makeup tutorials.

The far right column has instructions on how to apply clear tapes to your lids for non-surgical enhancement! It looks kind of freaky before eye makeup but afterwards it doesn't look too bad.


Unknown said...

sexy oneesan my ass LOL
the makeup tutorials are good, and the models look good too, but i don't like the fashion pages...those clothes.....

D. said...

Hi Mary in Wonder[land],

Haha you're right, but at least the magazine stayed true to its name - Nuts! xD

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